Growing up with a family in the nursery business, my sister & I never imagined that it would be an industry we would enter into ourselves. After working manual labor jobs around the nursery every high school summer we quickly decided the plant business was not in our cards. However, after years of contemplating our future, going to college & trying to figure out the career path our lives would be centered around, an aspect of the plant industry snuck up on us that we hadn't noticed before. Once we were able to get past the grueling heat & understood the benefits of physical work, we noticed the unique allure a nursery has -- the natural beauty & magic of plants, the endless possibilities of arrangement combinations, the amazing landscapers/customers you see everyday, & the abundance of knowledge you gain through experience, all make the job becomes more than enjoyable.


We started Horticult as a company that sold pre-organized & planted succulent arrangements. Succulents are popular for their unique designs & effortless maintenance, making them an easy sell to both plant beginners & experienced growers. We signed up for every local art show in the Atlanta area, set up our booth, & soon we were selling out of containers. 


Next, we began to advertise container gardening to local businesses around the Atlanta area. We started with companies, restaurants, & store fronts we were familiar with. This aspect of our business grew relatively quickly. Check out some of our projects here!


While we were continuing to acquire more jobs we knew we had to figure out how to make internet availability work, especially with the Corona Virus epidemic quickly approaching. We listed our company on Etsy where we sell individual plants. In the beginning, we posted plants that we felt most comfortable would ship well. Once we filled enough orders to be confident our packaging methods worked, we began shipping not only the specialized plants, but our favorite plants as well! Our Etsy site has gained us over 2000 sales in only 5 months! The link to that site is listed on our page or use our shop name: HorticultLLC to find us there.  


Currently we are still looking to expand & in order for our company to grow we are expanding our understanding of how to propagate our most popular plants to ensure stock stability, increase our methods of distribution & hopefully eventually have a store front. 


Ultimately, HORTICULT, is a family owned and operated retail mail order nursery providing pots & planters, outdoor & indoor succulents & perennial plants to whomever would like to bring color & life into their home & landscape. We appreciate everyone who has supported our journey & are excited to work with future clients 🤍


Emily Saul


Katie Saul

Our Story

how we started, how we've evolved, & what we've done to cope with today's epidemic


Shipping out of Atlanta, GA, USA