• Emily Saul

From 31º Water to Saul & Saul Designs.

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston S. Churchill

Guys, we've changed our jewelry line name!

In the beginning we thought 31 Degree Water was the perfect name for a number of reasons.

(1) It was a catchy name. 31 Degree Water sounded like a trendy jewelry line.

(2) It had sentimental value. This was the most relevant fact in choosing the name. There was a running family joke & being that this is a family run company we thought "what a great title!"

(3) Katie drew a truly amazing fish as our logo that we couldn't wait to print on every tag, stationary, whatever. Truth be told I wish we could still use that fish, but sacrifices must be made.

(4) Really, it ended there.

We wanted it to work & we tried hard, but in the end reality prevailed & we realized it wasn't the greatest idea we've ever had. Alas, that's how you learn as entrepreneurs, right?

Now, let me tell you why this didn't work out the way we wanted.

While it was a catchy name it didn't make any sense to our customers right off the bat. Every time we met someone new, which could be 40 different times a show, people would inquire & we would begin to explain the story behind the name.

So, here's where we went wrong. When we were thinking of the name we didn't realize how many stipulations & details there were to this "funny inside joke," which made the explanation pretty lengthy.

Our kind hearted customers would listen & smile trying so hard to understand, but 9 times out of 10 would leave with a puzzled look on their face no matter how hard they tried to hide it.

Another trivial, yet considerable, issue we didn't take into account was that we would have to fluctuate between using the degree symbol "º" & the word "degree." In a perfect world we would have used the degree symbol º every time, but when you're writing out a website or creating an Etsy name you can't use such a relatively obscure symbol. Moreover, looking up part of your company name in "Emojis & Symbols" under the "Edit" tab every time you write it out can get tiresome. All in all, trial & error led us to realize it was time to make a change.

A short, sweet, & obvious company name was what we needed.

Our jewelry line was nearing the end of its first year, which is comparably young for a company, so no harm no foul here (fingers crossed, anyway).

In the end we came up with SAUL & SAUL DESIGNS. This title would need no explanation. Katie & I are the Saul sisters, hence Saul & Saul, & we design jewelry. The "&" symbol is easily accessible & popular. Furthermore, if we ever wanted to combine our jewelry line & our succulent containers, "DESIGNS" could encompass both areas.

Rest in Peace 31º Water, you were a whimsical name in a no-nonsense world.

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