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10 Assorted Succulent Cuttings

10 Assorted Succulent Cuttings



Unrooted Cuttings



Ready to start your succulent collection? Start with our assorted mix! You will receive 10 unrooted cuttings ready to be planted! 


We have a ton of different types of succulents, from Echeverias, to over 15 Rhipsalis varieties, to Euphorbias, cacti, & much more!

If you are looking for a specific type of collection, let us know in the "Messages to Buyers" section at purchase. Otherwise, we will try to send as many different colors as possible, but remember that color is seasonal. 


Upon arrival place your cuttings in soil. You will need a pot with a DRAINAGE HOLE. You can plant multiple plants in one pot or use a different pot for each cutting. 


Here at Horticult, we start our pots with ~1-2” of PermaTill (small slate gravel). You can use any type of small pebble. This ensures the soil will be well drained, which is extremely important when planting succulents. For the rest of the pot we use a regular potting soil. You can use a cactus mix, if you like. Once the plant is planted in the soil, we like to top the soil with the same gravel used at the bottom of the pot. This provides a decorative element, while ensuring the soil will not spill over as you water your plant. 


All of the plants provided will be USDA zones 9-11, so they require high indirect light. Being that we are in the winter months, you will need to keep them indoors. 


Water your plants when the soil is bone dry. Saturate the soil until you see water come out of the drainage hole & then do not water again until it has dried out completely.


You will receive 10 relatively large unrooted succulent cuttings.


Check our our 3" pots that are the perfect size for these!

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