Aglaonema 'Jubilee Petite'

Aglaonema 'Jubilee Petite'



Chinese Evergreen

USDA Zones 10-11


This tropical house plant is a slow growing, attractive, & is grown for its beautifully variegated foliage. They have large, narrow, & glossy oval leaves on short stems. The most favorable feature of the Aglaonema is that they make virtually perfect house plants! They are long lasting & low maintenance plants that require minimal light, making them excellent additions to any indoor setting. 


With a bit of experience & research we've found the best way to determine how easy your Aglaonema will be to take care of is to follow one straightforward rule:

The lighter the variegation of the foliage, the more light the plant will require. Once you have an understanding of how that applies to your Aglaonema, you should have no problem caring for it. Fortunately for the 'Jubilee Petite,' while the variegation is stunning, it is simple in comparison to other varieties. 


Aglaonemas are native to the floor of tropical to subtropical climates. Temperature & humidity levels are the most critical atmospheric conditions from these regions that must to be imitated for your plant to thrive. In simpler terms, if you keep your plants warm & moist you will be rewarded with a healthy, flourishing house plant that will brighten even the darkest of areas! Even better, Aglaonemas grow at such a slow pace that it will keep to the size of it's original pot. Talk about low maintenance! 


This Chinese evergreen is genuinely one of the best choices for those who wish for living decor, but struggle with keeping plants alive.




As previously mentioned, the shade of your Aglaonema's foliage is dependent on how much light It can take. 'Jubilee Petite' is a darker tone of green meaning it will thrive in lower light & near shade, but will also take partial sun to bright light if the preferred area in your home is closer to a window. With that being said, direct sunlight or immediately next to a window will cause foliage to curl or burn. If you notice your Aglaonema's leaves beginning to curl, this is an indication it's receiving too much light & needs to be moved to a shadier spot ASAP.



A well-drained, lightly acidic potting soil is perfect. Light soil is imperative, as it must dry out nearly completely before your plant's next watering. Heavy soil, pots without drainage holes, or any element that may lead to the retention of excess moisture can be detrimental to your plant. A surplus of water can cause root rot, yellow or browning leaves, loss of foliage, or your Aglaonema's ultimate demise. 



Use more water less frequently. 

When you water your Aglaonema you want to saturate the soil so much that you can see water flowing out of the drainage hole at the bottom of your pot. Roots are your plant's vessel for water distribution throughout the plant. If you only wet the top soil or use a misting bottle exclusively to water your plant, the water will fail to reach the roots, ultimately causing your plant to dry out leading to it's demise.

Once you've determined how to utilize the proper amount of water, irrigate your Aglaonema & then don't water it again until the soil has dried out completely. You can use your finger to test the moisture level of the soil. If the soil seems wet or you are unsure, it's probably best to wait.

Apart from the general watering guidelines for an Aglaonema, there are more intricate considerations for those who aspire to become Aglaonema experts. For instance, the location of your plant can help determine how much water to use during irrigation. If it's in a bright location you will want to water when the soil is dry halfway down the root mass. Using a taller planter? Sometimes moisture can build in the bottom of the container causing the amount of time between waterings to lengthen. If your plant is in fluorescent light conditions, it's best to let the soil dry out almost all the way to the bottom of the pot before watering thoroughly. 

Drooping or curling leaves in combination with yellow or brown leaf margins, mushy leaves, yellow or browning stalks, or root rot are all signs of overwatering. 

Crispy, fully yellow or brown leaves in combination with dry soil are indications of under watering.




To keep your Aglaonema in an "Instagram ready" state, the occasional dead leaf should be removed.

Rotate your plant periodically to ensure even growth on all sides.

Dust the leaves often so plant can photosynthesize efficiently. This is especially important if your plant is in a lower light location, as the plant's ability to photosynthesize is decreased in lower-light conditions. While dusting, also use this opportunity to inspect the undersides & keep an eye out for pests.




This Aglaonema are also popular in homes & offices because they are on NASA's list of clean air plants that help filter harmful chemicals from their environment. 'Spring Snow' is known to clean the air of benzene & formaldehyde. 



You will receive a 6" size bare root plant without a pot.

With that being said, it is important for you to have the correct type of soil (well draining & light) & an adequate container (preferably 6-8" in size).

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