Aglaonema 'Red Valentine'

Aglaonema 'Red Valentine'

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Aglaonema Commutatum

Chinese Evergreen, Philippine Evergreen, Poison Dart Plant

USDA Zones 9-11


This beautiful Chinese evergreen, native to the humid, shady forests of Asia & Papau New Guinea, is grown for its red & green variegated foliage. They have large, narrow, & glossy  oval leaves on short stems. It’s slow growing, clumping habit makes for a great tropical house plant that will rarely need to be repotted. Grown in bright indirect light to even fluorescent lighting, you couldn’t ask for an easier indoor plant.

Interior landscapers use Aglaonemas as the quintessential file cabinet, table top, or office desk plant that were used in lobbies, malls, & even airports. Not easy environments for these sub-tropical/tropical plants, but they handle them all like troopers. They range in height from 10" tall to 3-4' tall. 




Bright indirect sunlight is optimal and will help your 'Red Valentine' produce the beautiful red & pink colors on it's leaves. Stay away from full sun, as this may cause your foliage to burn. As these can tolerate high light, keep them away from windows with strong sun coming in or their foliage will burn almost immediately. The glass of a window magnifies the sun's heat & strength, like a magnifying glass, causing difficulties for any plant that will tolerate high light. This Aglaonema will tolerate a low light or florescent lit area, but the colors may not say as deep & rich as one receiving increased sunlight.



During the spring & summer the 'Red Valentine' prefers moist soil, but not too soggy. A container with a drainage hole is important & water in moderation is key. Do not allow water to sit at the bottom of the pot for long, as this may cause detrimental issues such as root rot. During the winter, water thoroughly, but allow the soil to dry out between waterings.



As Aglaonema's are tropical plants, they prefer temperatures in the 60's & 70's. Avoid placing your plants in areas with cold drafts or sudden temperature changes.



Again, the Aglaonema is a tropical plant. It can survive in low humidity environments, but will thrive in higher humidity levels. To increase humidity, mist the leaves regularly -- especially during the dryer, winter months.



General houseplant fertilizer once a month during the spring & summer is all the food your 'Red Valentine' will need.



Because the Aglaonema is such a slow growing plant, repotting is usually only necessary to aerate the soil & loosen the roots. While this is being done, propagation is easy to start. You can easily propagate your Aglaonema by root division.


**WARNING: The 'Red Valentine' Aglaonema is moderately toxic to pets & humans. Typically, ingestion will cause mouth & stomach irritation & possible vomiting. 




One of the common problems Aglaomena's have is called 'tipping.' This is when the tips of the leaves dry out & turn brown. Tipping can be caused by a multitude of reasons, such as overwatering or an excess of fertilizer, but the most common cause is watering this beautiful house plant with unfiltered tap water. Tap water contains salts, chlorine, & fluoride, which can harm your plant. The easiest way to avoid this from happening is to leave the water in an open container overnight before watering, which will remove some of the chlorine & fluoride. Alternatively, running your tap water through a filtration system (even a Brita) will help purify your water.


Another common problem for Aglaonema 'Red Valentine' is that the leaves will become limp or droopy. While the sudden dramatic leaf & stem drooping of your plant can be alarming don't fret! This is almost always totally normal & can easily be fixed. 

The most common causation of a dropping stem & leaf is underwatering. Keep a consistent watering schedule & water when the top 2-3" of the soil is dry. If you accidentally let your Aglaonema's soil dry out completely, you may also see the stems go limp, or the leaves droop & crisp up. If the soil is extremely dry all the way through the pot, a thorough drench is in order. Otherwise, your Aglaonema may not be receiving enough humidity. Because it's native area is a tropical, humid environment, it is important to mimic that. Increase the humidity by misting it on a regular basis, using a pebble tray, or moving it near a humidifier. 



While tipping, underwatering, & loss of humidity can cause visual damage to your plant, Aglaonemas are resilient & bounce back at an incredible rate. Because of this, 'Red Valentine,' along with other varieties of Aglaonema are great plants for beginning green thumbs. Between how simple caring for this plant is & it's incredible bounce back rate, its perfect for any plant novice.



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