Aglaonema 'Stripes'

Aglaonema 'Stripes'

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Chinese Evergreen

USDA Zones 10 & 11


One of the most commonly used interior landscape plants is the Aglaonema, or as it is more commonly known as, the Chinese Evergreen. Native to China & the Philippines, these leafy tropicals are easy-care houseplants & will thrive in bright, indirect light or lower light levels often found in a home or office environment.


The variety 'Stripes' is just one of many Chinese Evergreen varieties. It is an attractive, uniquely variegated, & easy to maintain plant that is on just about everyone's list of "Best Houseplants." It can get to be 10" to 3' tall & wide. 


While there are many varieties of the Aglaonema, the care for all of them is very similar. This makes them perfect to build arrangements out of, or decorate a room with more than one, as they will have the same watering schedule making them even easier to care for.


Aglaonema plants have bush-like or clumping growth habits & depending on pot size, can be from 8" to 4' tall! Almost all Aglaonema are variegated to some extent, but keep in mind those with more variegation require more light than those with less variegation. Typically, the lighter the color of the a plant, the higher light levels it needs to maintain its color & variegation.




If placed in high light, you can allow the potting mix to dry down 1/2 to 3/4 of the way out before watering thoroughly. In a lower light situation, allow soil to dry out almost completely before watering again. Ultimately, lightly moistened soil is key & overwatering is detrimental.



Aglaonema 'Stripes' needs well draining soil, with lots of perlite or sand. It is imperative to keep the soil from holding excess moisture, as root rot is one of the easiest ways to harm your plant. 



This is a great houseplant for virtually anywhere in the house except areas that receive full sun. Full sun, especially through glass (which magnifies the sun's temperature & light strength) which will scorch the exposed leaves. Aglaonema plants will survive in low light, but may become thin & leggy. For a nice looking plant, try to proved bright, diffused, natural light or some artificial fluorescent light. Because this plant thrives in artificial lighting, it's ideal for use in professional office spaces.



Temperatures for Aglaonema should not be allowed to drop lower than 60 degrees F. These are tropical/sub-tropical plants that cannot tolerate cold weather.



To keep your Aglaonema houseplants full & bushy, remove some of the new leaves as they appear. Do this by firmly grasping the stem the new leaf grows from & hold the new leaf near its base & gently pull. It should come out entirely. Don't use scissors, as leaves, stems, etc should be removed completely with no "stump" left behind. Wounds on a plant allow for entry of disease & can attract insects. Remove flowers or bracts in the same way.



There should only be a few problems you would run into with Aglaonema's. They are prone to stem & root rot if the soil is kept overly wet. They will also become leggy if left in low light areas for extended periods of time. 


Mealy bugs are one of the most common insect problems you may have with Aglaonema & the summer season is when they become a real issue -- so keep a look out for those suckers! They're usually found on the undersides of the leaves or in the leaf axils. 


Other than that, scale, leaf spot, & root rot are the only major pests and diseases. 



NASA has placed Aglaonema on its top 10 list of clean air plants because of the plant's natural ability to remove benezene & formaldehyde from air sources. For this reason, aglaonema may one day be grown in space! 



It is surprisingly easy to over-fertilize your Aglaonema. While it does require some nitrogen for foliage development & plant growth, houseplant fertilizer tends to carry a lot of salt deposits, which can build up in the soil. It is recommended using a half-strength balanced liquid fertilizer once a month in the spring & summer months. During the winter you should avoid fertilizing at all.



Most people opt for division as the simplest & most effective way to propagate Aglaonema 'Stripes.' To divide your plant, first look to be sure there are multiple points from which the plant is emerging from the soil. It naturally propagates itself via suckers beneath the soil's surface &  a pot can rapidly fill with young sucker plants. You want many healthy plants showing.

Then, gently remove your plant & its soil from the pot. If the soil is loose enough, lightly dust it off with your hands to expose the roots. Provided the plants are not root bound & tangled together, you should be able to gently pry your Aglaonema apart with your fingers for replanting. 

If your plant is root bound, you will need to use a sharp, sterile life to cut the root mass into multiple sections for replanting, but be sure to leave an even number of leaves & stalks on each.



Aglaonema should be repotted into fresh soil every 2 years. This not only replenishes the soil, but it also allows you to divide your plant if you wish to increase the size of its pot. 

Keep the pot size proportionate to the plant itself. Aglaonema likes to have secure, dense root structures, but does not need a lot of extra soil that can hold too much moisture.

Replant your Chinese Evergreens at the same height as they were originally planted for best development.



You will receive a bare root plant fit for an 8" size pot. The pot itself is not included.

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