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Alternanthera ‘Cocktail Mix’ - 3.5”

Alternanthera ‘Cocktail Mix’ - 3.5”

3.5” ALTERNANTHERA COCKTAIL MIX PPAFUSDA Zones 10-11This plant is a combination of Alternanthera ‘Raspberry Rum,’ ‘Mai Tai,’ & ‘Party Time’! The Alternanthera Cocktail Series is an ItSaul Plants patent & this version is exclusively sold to the public through Horticult. Each plant has different variegation, some with full ‘Raspberry arum’ stems, some with leaves that are half ‘Mai Tai’ & half ‘Raspberry Rum,’ but no matter which plant you receive we guarantee you will be in love! These plants are grown for their foliage, rather than their flowers. They bloom flowers on tall stalks that sit above the plant with tiny blooms on each. This alternanthera is grown as a frost tender annual that can grow into 12” tall & wide mounds. If you pinch the growth tips regularly, the plant forms a neat mound that looks fantastic in formal borders, & you can also use them in container gardens.AS OF RIGHT NOW WE ONLY HAVE 18 PLANTS AVAILABLE FOR SALE, so grab one before they sell out!LIGHTThe plants grow well in both sun & partial shade, but colors will be more intense in full sun. WATERWater plants often enough to keep the soil from drying out. SOILThey aren’t picky about soil as long as it is well drained & not too rich. You will receive a 3.5” size plant that is bare root without a pot.
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