Asiatic Jasmine Vine - 4"

Asiatic Jasmine Vine - 4"



Trachelospermum asiaticum

USDA Zone 7b-10


This small, dark & light green leafed vine has reddish brown stems that crawl up trees, trellises, fences, or anything it can hold on to. It blooms five-petaled flowers that are white & delicate, like the foliage. However, if it is too hot it will not bloom. For this reason, you will rarely see a blooming Asiatic Jasmine in our possession -- at least until the temperature outside cools down. While this stands true, winter will kill it. This is why we use it primarily in containers that we can bring inside. With that being said, using it as a ground-cover that will die in the winter may sound insensible, the vine grows so quickly, the if planted at the beginning of warm weather, you'll have a beautiful vine that will have crept into any open space in no time! Unfortunately, it does not do well with foot traffic -- so planting it in an area that is off to the side is beneficial. In fact! The vine thrives in shaded areas, as well! A quality that makes this Jasmine vine a real treasure. Find an unruffled, shaded area & plant after the last frost, as soon as it starts to get warmer, & you'll find yourself with a Jasmine vine full of blooms in no time! The delicate white flowers really set the plant off 😍







Thrives in many different types of soil as long as they are well draining. It will grow faster & more aggressively in soils with a higher percentage of organic content.



Full sun - full shade; as we previously mentioned, Asiatic Jasmine can tolerate a wide range of light mediums, but if they are in full - partial sun (or an area that gets too hot) it will not bloom. While in the shade, it will bloom delicate white flowers. 



Once established, Asiatic Jasmine is relatively drought tolerant. If you see some wilting during a dry spell (especially if planted in full sun), give your plants a good saturating & they'll bounce back without a problem.



The only maintenance this plant will need is pruning. It will spread relatively aggressively & you may want to cut it back to keep it where you want it. 




Trim 6" cuttings from the tip of the vine shoot, using a sharp instrument that will make a clean cut just below a leaf. 

Use a small pot with a drainage hole (or good drainage; terra cotta is a great substrate). Fill your pot with damp sand. 

Create a hole using an instrument the size of a pen, strip the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting, dip the cutting in a rooting medium (such as a powdered type; we use Rootone), & place your cutting into the hole in the sand. Water your pot well & cover the container with a plastic bag to retain moisture & water every day. Place your new science experiment in a windowsill that gets indirect light, or outside in an area that is mostly shade. 

Otherwise, you can use the WATER PROPAGATING METHOD & dip your cutting in the rooting hormone, finally placing it into a glass of water. 

No matter which method you've chosen, after roots develop (~1 month), transplant your new rooted cuttings into small containers filled with potting soil. 



Asiatic Jasmine produces small clumps of roots along the stem at leaf nodes (the area a leaf comes out of the stem). These are points where the vine will try to attach itself when it begins to climb. It thinks its coming in contact with something that it perceives as a source of nutrients. whether in reality it could be a fence post, a trellis, etc. These clumps of roots will grow spontaneously OR you can encourage them by burying a section of your vine. In any case, cut off the bit with the roots after they've developed & plant these independent new plants wherever you'd like!


You will receive a 4" size plant bare root without a pot.

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