Basil 'African Blue'

Basil 'African Blue'



Ocimum kilimandscharicum × basilicum 'Dark Opal'



Not only does this annual herb bloom amazing purple flowers, one plant attracts more bees than any other we’ve ever seen! If you are a bee enthusiast, this is the plant for you :) This accidental cross between ‘Dark Opal’ Basil & a tall East African Basil grows to be a 3 x 3 foot bush. Even after harvesting for cooking you’ll be left with a 1.5 to 2 foot tall bush. It does not set seed, thus keeps growing & blooming until frost. Pinching/harvesting encourages bushy-ness. 


Plant your basil in full sun with average watering Keeping the soil moist will encourage the best flavor. 


This specific basil makes an amazing pesto! & because it grows so quickly, you can make more with this variety than any other. 


We ship this 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.



“For those who’ve never heard of African blue basil, let me explain a bit about it. A hybrid variety created by crossing camphor basil and dark opal basil, it is grown as a perennial in climates much warmer than ours. But even in Minnesota, plants can easily grow to 3 feet tall over the summer. The foliage is a pretty blend of dark green and purple, and plants produce loads of purplish-pink flowers that don’t need to be removed because, unlike most basils, they don’t go to seed because African blue basil is sterile. Pollinators LOVE the purple flowers, and I’ve found that they are just as tasty as the leaves and can be used in pesto, salads, pasta, cocktails or anywhere else you’d use basil.”

- Meleah Maynard in Southwest Journal

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