Beet 'Bull's Blood'

Beet 'Bull's Blood'



Beta vulgaris

USDA Zones 2-11


Bull's Blood beets are grown for their delicious, slightly globed shaped beets & their rich, flavorful leaves that look gorgeous in a salad or dish. This annual vegetable can reach 8-18" tall. The brilliant red leaves are about 2-3" wide & the roots are just as dark & bright red as the foliage. Plant this vegetable in a container with other plants, the red color of the roots can even turn the other plants purple. Plant this heirloom vegetable in partial sun. They prefer deep, loose soil, with even & moderate water. Mulch your soil to protect the roots from heat.


While for edible reasons you want to scissor harvest your plants when ready, let a few stay of these ornamental plants flower to keep beneficial insects happy. 


This vegetable is easily maintenanced & will produce beets, ready for harvest, within 40-52 days after planting. You can eat the foliage at the top of the plant, as well as the vegetable that is produced -- the beet. 




Partial sun; can take few full sun invert few hours of the day, but as little as possible. They are also shade tolerant; the leaves may start flopping because of lack of sun, but it won't kill the plant & the vegetable may produce still.



Loose, deep soil. Use mulch to protect roots from heat.



Even, moderate water.



If you sow the bet seeds every 3 weeks throughout spring & summer, you can continuously harvest your beets.

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