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Begonia rex 'Red Robin' - 1 Gallon

Begonia rex 'Red Robin' - 1 Gallon



Begonia rex hybrid (Painted Leaf Begonia, Fancy Leaf Begonia)

USDA Zones 10-12


There are an incredible number of Begonia rex varieties & each one is just as showy & dramatic as the next. They are known for the color, pattern, & shape of their foliage. Although some would say their blooms are small & insignificant, we LOVE the flowers on this guy! They have a curly yellow stamen & bright pink flowers.

Begonia rex grows to be 12-18" tall, with a similar spread. This herbaceous perennial thrives in partial to full shade & doesn't like to dry out! Keep the soil evenly & lightly moist. 

This bright colored plant will bring that pop of color you need in your shade garden!




Partial Shade - Full Shade



Average; Don't like soil dry out too long; Lightly & evenly moist.



Well draining, rich 



You will receive a 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.

*Like many begonias, the Begonia rex is a delicate plant. We will package your plant in a way that will avoid major damage, but don't be surprised if a few leaves are bruised. Due to it's size, this shouldn't affect the look of the plant. 

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  • Common Problems

    Common Problems with Begonia Rex

    - Soil is too dry or too wet.

    - Soil is not draining enough.

    - Plant needs more light, but not intense light.

    - Humidity levels are too low (don't mist the plant - Begonia rex do not like wet foliage).


    Are rex begonias easy to care for?

    They are one of the easiest houseplants to take care of. Once you find a good balance & proper conditions, they will be a piece of cake! They will let you know if their water, light, &/or soil is off balance. Keep an eye out for signs.

    How fast do they grow?

    Medium speed. They like a pot with room to grow, so you wont need to worry about repotting too often. 

    Begonias have rhizomes & shallow root systems.

    Plant them in a wide, shallow pot. This way the rhizomes will have room to grow, & the root system will touch the bottom of the pot easily. If your pot is too deep the plant will spend much of it's time spreading it's roots!

    How long can rex begonias live?

    Should be expected to thrive a few years. it may seem like a short period, but they are easily propagated. Simply a matter of keeping a steady supply of healthy plants by creating new ones through propagation.

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