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Calathea 'Rattlesnake' - 6"

Calathea 'Rattlesnake' - 6"



Calathea lancifolia


This is one of many different Prayer Plants. It is called a Prayer Plant because the leaves fold together at night & open back up in the morning, similar to praying hands.


This Calathea gets its name for its striking striped pattern on the long ovate leaves. The stripes alternate bright & dark green all the way down each leaf. Like most prayer plants, the underside of the leaf is puprple. 


This low maintenance plant doesn't require much attention. Wipe its leaves off ocassionally so they do not collect dust. Make sure to use one hand to support the leaf while you wipe using a damp cloth with the other.



Bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sun -- will cause brown scorch marks on leaves



Try to keep your soil evenly & lightly moist, never allow it to completely dry out. Water thoroughly, but always have a drainage hole. If you have a drainage tray, make sure to empty it to prevent soil from staying soggy.


If you notice white, crusty particles on your top soil -- outside or indoors -- this could be a build up of salts from fertilizer, & flouride & chlorine from tap water. Its more than just unappealing, this build up can damage your plant. Prevent this by changing your soil or "flushing" the soil once a year. 



Pour room temperature distilled ater over the soil.

Allow the water to drain out the drainage holes.

Pour more water through the pot.

Empty the drainage tray.



Use a peat-rich potting mix. Add perlite &/or vermiculite for help with drainage. 

If you are looking for a pre-mmixed soil, use



You will receieve a 6" size plant bare root without a pot.

Only 6 left in stock
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