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Canna 'Australia'

Canna 'Australia'



Canna Lily ‘Australia’, Canna x generalis ‘Australia’

USDA Zones — hardiness 2-12 (hardy 8-11, colder zones lift prior to frost)



Canna ‘Australia’ is an impressive perennial variety with eye catching extra tall Canna Lilly varieties. Australia isa tropical beauty with dark chocolate foliage & bold ruby red shades of large vermillion blooms that grows from a surprisingly small bulb.


Cannas thrive in warm weather. While they are tolerant of partial shade, they thrive in full sun. Winter hardy in Warner climates, when planting outside, make sure the plant soil & nighttime temperatures are consistently warm. 


Cannas are an exuberant, tender perennial that provide a strong ornamental interest & immediately give you a tropical feel in your garden & containers. Impossibly exotic; they bloom prolifically from midsummer to the first frost. Easy to grow, they stand proud & bold.


The bulbs/tuber have 2-3 eyes. The red blooms show in late summer & last a relatively long amount of time. 


The plant will grow to be up to 72” tall at maturity (4-5’ tall)  with a 1-2’ spacing between each plant to allow enough room for each plant to show their full potential.


When planting plant these Hellebores deep enough to cover the plant with 2” of soil.



Thrives in full sun, but will grow in partial shade (only not to it’s full potential). 



Organically rich, moist, well draining soils; 
Chalk, Loam, Clay, Sand



Average; thrive in evenly moist soil. Do nutlet soil dry out. After flowering, you may reduce watering. 



Deadhead Cannas throughtout the growing season to keep them blooming as long as possible. When a flowering spike has no more buds, it can be removed with sharp shears, knives, scissors, etc., using the sharp end down to the next side of the shoot, where another flowering spike will emerge. Usually, Cannas produce 2-4 spikes pr season per stem. When the stem is entirely spent, it can be removed from the base (usually happening at the end of the season). 



Cannas are what we call “greedy feeders”. Apply general purpose fertilizer in mid season to promote a brilliant disputant. 



Attract pollinators, attract hummingbirds, container gardening, deer resistant, rabbit tolerant, easy to grow & maintain, fast growing, fragrant, drought tolerant, 


While largely free of pests — in US keep an eye out for Japanese beetles, caterpillars, slugs, & snails that may chew on foliage 



Beds & borders, Patios & containers, City & courtyard gardens, Traditional gardens, Mediterranean Garden, Informal & cottage gardens. 



As soon as the temperature drops below freezing & the foliage turns brown, cut down the foliage & stems about 6” & lift the rhizomes for winter storage. 

Remove surplus soil, dry, & store in strays of multipurpose compost. Place in a frost free position 

Check the rhizomes during winter months to make sure they are not too moist or too dry.

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