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Chocolate Mint - 1 Gallon

Chocolate Mint - 1 Gallon



Mentha x piperita 'Chocolate'


Chocolate mint is grown for its application in cooking, from drinks to desserts to garnishes. Growing the plant, whether it be inside your home or outdoors in your garden, is easy (even for the beginner green thumb)! With a fast growth rate it can be harvested frequently. Growing a chocolate mint plant ensures you have a fresh supply for any occasion.


Chocolate mint SPREADS RAPIDLY! For this reason it is frequently grown in a pot in order to contain the spread. We have heard of some using it has a groundcover, even in rock pathways so when people walk through their shoes brush against the plant allowing the fragrance to spread. When growing in an in-ground bed it is crucial to take into account how easily it can take over a garden. Harvesting, or regular pinching, keeps the plant healthy, full, & under control. 



Growth in full sun will encourage maximum flavor; will tolerate partial sun.



Regular, well draining potting mix



Occasionally water



Attractive pink flowers in late spring to midsummer.



You will receive a 1 gallon size plant bareroot without a pot.



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