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Dwarf Banana 'Paquito' - 1 Gallon

Dwarf Banana 'Paquito' - 1 Gallon



Musa Paquito

USDA Zone 9-12


Most Banana plants will reach 30', but this little bugger only grows to be about 3' tall! It's green foliage are variegated with red dots that grow with the leaves.  

Banana trees love moisture. Keep this guy in an area that will stay wet, such as a rain garden or in a container with other plants that tolerate high moisture levels.

It is perennial in zones 9-12 & typically drops it leaves in the winter. They will reappear in the spring!

You can also keep this dwarf banana as a houseplant! 



Full Sun - Part Shade



Frequent watering



Mulch around the hole to retain moisture




You will receive a 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.


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