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Fatsia japonica - 1 or 3 Gallon

Fatsia japonica - 1 or 3 Gallon



Fatsia japonica

USDA 8-11



Japanese aralia is a tropical plant that works as an indoor or outdoor plant! It features large, deeply lobed, leaves that can grow to be 1’ wide.

This plant will add dimension to your shade garden!

They bloom in the fall with unique clusters of white flowers & black berries.

Plants can grow to be 8’-10’ tall — older plants can grow up to 15’ tall! 

Fatsia works well in a container arrangement. Leave room for it to grow & get ready for a large fantastic plant with layers of beautiful foliage!

Winter hardy in zones 8-10 -- the Fatsia we have planted this winter here in Atlanta in containers has held up very nicely! 

Deer may nibble on it, but they usually don't devour it.



Indoors: bright to medium indirect light

Outdoors: medium to full shade



Water often enough to keep soil evenly & lightly moist; avoid stagnant water in bottom of container



Well draining, slightly acidic



Container Garden

Specimen Plant

Accent Plant

Foliage Forward

Makes Colorful Plants Pop!

Full Shade Garden

Cold Hardy in GA

Drought Tolerant (once established)



You will receive a 1 gallon or 3 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.

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