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Giant String of Hearts - Senecio mikanioides

Giant String of Hearts - Senecio mikanioides



Senecio mikanioides



This plant is a rare & relatively new variety of Senecio. It has green foliage with an elaborate silver pattern on the top & a solid, bright purple color on it's leaf bottom. The foliage is substantially larger than the standard String of Hearts plant.


Though there is not a lot of information for this plant online, we have figured out a few characteristics through experience. 

  •  The foliage will grow more close together along the stem, as well as larger in size, if the roots are not pot bound. When we bumped the plant up from a 4" size pot to the 6" size pot the size of the leaves grew substatially -- almost tripling its size!


  • When it comes to watering, allow the top of the soil to dry down at least 50% before watering again. Giving your plant too little water is better than too much water. This Senecio will bounce back more easily if you miss a scheduled watering than if you overwater it. HOWEVER, this plant likes water more than the original SOP. Its ok if you accidentally miss a watering, but try to avoid this happening!


  • When you plant a Giant String of Hearts in the hanging basket, take a few extra steps to make sure it will be full on the top! Sometimes trailing plants, especially string succulents, will drape over the sides of a hanging basket without filling out the top of planter.
    • One way to do it is with the use of bobby (or hair) pins. Take the top of the stem (near the roots) & find the spot ~2-3" from the top soil. Pin this part of the stem down into the soil with a bobby pin. Any part of the stem that is touching organic matter (or soil) for a prolonged amount of time will put out aerial roots & attach itself to the soil. Do this with as many stems as you need to until the top of your plant is full of foliage. If you don't have a lot of stems, you can pin down multiple spots on one stem.
    • If you dont have bobby pins there is another way! Start by filling your pot up with soil. Before clipping on the hanger, lace one long stem around the rim of the hanging basket. Then VERY GENTLY clip the hanger on to the hanging basket with the stem inbetween. Make sure your stem has a little slack between each hanger & that you are not damaging or squishing the stem when hanging. 





Partial sun - partial shade



Average; avoid stagnant water; water when top 2" of soil is dry -- 

Online information says to wait until the soil has dried completely, like you migbnt do to a regular String of Hearts, but we have found they like to be a bit more moist!



Average; well-draining



You will receive a 6" size plant bare rooted & the durable, plastic hanging basket your plant was grown in. You will need to make sure you have potting soil for when your plant arrives.

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