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Lavender 'Provence' Lavundula x intermedia 'Provence'

Lavender 'Provence' Lavundula x intermedia 'Provence'



Lavundula x intermedia 'Provence' 

USDA Zones Hardiness 5-8; Heat Zones 5-8


Lavandin (Lavundula x Intermedia) is a popular hybrid lavender combining the cold hardiness of the English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) & the heat tolerance of the Portuguese lavender (Lavandula latifolia), providing an answer to the worldwide quest for a Provencal atmosphere in your garden. Known to be the MOST FRAGRANT lavender, these plants are usually taller than the English Lavender that grows in shrubby compact mounds. During mid to late summer they are adorned with long, loose spikes of highly fragrant flowers, ranging from dark violet to white. It is also more tolerant of acidic soil conditions.


This shrubby perennial herb has a beautiful silvery blue color (said to be one of the prettiest of all lavenders) with a  full bushy shape. Lavender 'Provence' is one of the best lavenders for humid summers as it can withstand hotter & more humid temperatures than many other lavender varieties.


Evergreen in warm winter climates, they will grow to be 2-3' tall with a similar spread. With low water needs & average maintenance this is a perfect addition to any edible garden -- in ground or container. It is also a perfect accent plant to a large container garden.


Starting a pollinator garden or want to add to yours? This lavender is a real magnet for bees & butterflies!

Apart from in a container, harvest pieces of your plant for dried arrangements, cut flowers, fragrant arrangements, & showy centerpieces. In gardens they are perfect for banks & slopes, beds & borders, edging, hedges, & screens, & patio & containers. 



Full sun



Bloom from mid to late summer






Well drained; dry to medium, poor, light, sandy, alkaline



Attracts butterflies, deer tolerant, drought tolerant, rabbit tolerant, dry soil & rocky soil tolerant


We will send your 1 gallon size plant bare root with just enough soil to protect the root system on it's journey without a pot. 

Please have a pot or spot in your garden ready, as well as a bit of extra soil for planting.

We usually leave a good bit of soil attached to the Herbs, as we have found that is the best way to ship them without harming.

  • Message to Buyers

    Thank you for shopping with Horticult! Please remember that unless otherwise stated in the description area of your plant's listing, all of our plants are shipped bare root without a pot. All plants sold in a hanging basket will include a pot.

    Please remember the shipping of live plants can be tricky. We prefer to ship on Monday-Wednesday to minimize the time your new plant baby will spend in the box! We’ll stay in touch & keep you updated! 

    We will ship as economically as possible. If we are able to fit your order in less boxes than our site calculates, we will refund the extra shipping costs. 

    Finally, with what’s happening right now in the world the post office has never been busier. While most of our orders are shipped without a problem, we want to assure you we are prepared to rectify any issue that may occur. Please be patient & we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your purchase! 

    Stay safe everyone & thank you again for shopping with Horticult 💚


  • Packaging Process

    All of your plants will be shipped bare root. We begin by removing excess soil & wrapping the roots/bit of leftover soil in a damp paper towel to ensure the roots don’t dry out on their journey. Next, we wrap the damp towel with plastic wrap. After your soil & roots are properly sealed, we wrap your plant in paper. Depending on how fragile the plant is, we may wrap it again in foam insulation or bubble wrap to ensure the plant won’t break. Once the plants have been wrapped, they are taped down into their box to keep them from moving around. Extra stuffing, receipts, heat packs, & optional gift messages are then added & VOILA! 💚

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    Ship items back within 30 days of delivery.

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    Exchanges are available.

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