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Papyrus - 1 Gallon

Papyrus - 1 Gallon



USDA Zones 8-10


In ancient Egypt papyrus plants were used to make paper, woven goods, food, & fragrance.

This unique, fast growing plant can grow up to 10' tall! It puts out stalks & spreads out grass like foliage at the top like an umbrella. The stems are triangular & have white pith inside. the pith is what is used to make paper!


The Papyrus plant loves, loves, loves water & is perfect for a water garden! 



Full sun - partial shade



Moist soil, fertile soil



LOVES for pot to be submerged in water; if not submerged, keep moist!


You will receive a tall 1 gallon plant bare root without a pot.

* We will keep enough soil around the roots to keep them healthy & moist.

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