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Pavonia multiflora 'Brazilian Candle' - 1 Gallon

Pavonia multiflora 'Brazilian Candle' - 1 Gallon



Pavonia multiflora

USDA Zones 8-11


This plant is definitely top 5 in our overall favorite houseplant category. Why you ask? 

  • It blooms incredibly unqiue looking flowers with bright pink (or red, some say) bracts that stand straight up to reveal light purple flowers & protruding stamen.
  • The number of blooms this Pavonia produces at once is awesome!! You can have 10+ blooms at a time.
  • These flowers can be seen ALL YEAR!! Pavonia multiflora is an ever bloomer!
  • The flowers go through stages & look different in each one.
  • You will have multiple buds on one stem, but the flowers open gradually, so you will almost ALWAYS have open flowers on your plant.
  • Flowers attract pollinators, butterflies, & hummingbirds.
  • The leaves are such a beautiful & brilliant green people commonly ask if it is a fake plant.
  • Maintenance is easy ...
    • It can tolerate a range of light levels. While it will produce the most blooms in full sun, it will tolerate lower light levels -- all the way to partial shade.
      • Finding a place for it in your home is easy
    • It can take some negligence. If you forget to water it, it wont fall apart!
    • They will last for many years & bloom almost consistently with good care.
  • The plant can get up to 4' - 6' tall as a houseplant & 8' tall in tropical or subtropical environments.



How can you beat that?

Low maintenance, various light requirements, tolerates some drought/negligence, always blooming a ton of incredibly unique & brightly colored flowers, & grows quickly! The perfect plant!

Every guest you have will want to know about this plant -- its a great conversation starter.


If you live in southern GA, Florida, Texas, California, or another state along that line, you can grow this guy outdoors!


The plant you will receive is currently (March 25) the size of the plants in the video, but they are fast growers & will be the size of the large plants in the pictures in NO TIME!



Thrives in full sun - will tolerate partial shade

Indoors: thrives in direct light & bright - medium direct light; tolerates low light



Average; Water once soil is visibly dry. Saturate the soil by watering until you see liquid coming from the drainage hole. 

Thrives in 50% humidity or higher, but will tolerate low humidity.



Well draining; organic & rich



You will receive a 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.

Only 5 left in stock
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