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Philodendron ‘Silver Sword’

Philodendron ‘Silver Sword’



Philodendron hastatum


Looking for a houseplant that goes above & beyond? Well search no farther! Philodendron hastatum, or ‘Silver Sword’ Philodendron, is a climbing plant with incredible silvery-blue foliage that is relatively easy to care for. Plant it in a floor pot with a moss pole or in a hanging basket where it can trail - this plant is incredibly versatile! 


Younger plants have a more oval shape. As it matures the shape of the foliage begins to resemble an arrowhead more than a sword.


It puts out aerial roots, similar to a Raphidophora tetrasperma 'Mini Monstera', which will naturally attach to organic material. Providing your plant with a moss pole is an easy way to give your 'Silver Sword' stability as it grows.


This Philodendron is native to the rainforests of Brazil, where it was common to find these incredible plants reaching heights of 15’! Sadly, that is not the case today. Due to deforestation Philodendron hastatum is one of the many plants that is on the endangered species list.


Not only does this plant's look change with age, so does its growth habits. 'Silver Sword' has a unique life cycle -- it starts off terrestrial, using it's roots to take up water & nutrients from the soil -- pretty average, yeah? As it matures it starts to crave more light. In order to compete with other jungle plants for the little light coming through the tree canopy, the Philodendron puts out aerial roots & begins to climb the tree. At this stage the 'Silver Sword' is now a hemiepiphyte, or a plant that is epiphytic for a portion of its life. It is classified as epiphytic because it climbs & lives on the tree, without harming it or becoming parasitic. Finally, before the Philodendron dies, it will become a fully developed aerial plant. 


Again, providing a moss pole for your 'Silver Sword' to climb up is an easy way to ensure large leaves & facilitate fast growth. The plant is just as dramatic in a hanging basket, due to its trailing nature. 


The 'Silver Sword' Philodendron is a unique plant, however, its maintenance requirements are rather simple. Like many of its Philodendron cousins, this plant is part of the Araceae family & it should be treated in a similar manner.


Long story short, the 'Silver Sword' plant thrives in bright indirect light, well-draining soil that remains lightly & evenly moist, & moderate to high humidity. Water the soil regularly to keep the soil evenly moist, but make sure the soil doesn't become soggy or retain too much water, as this may cause root rot.




Thrives in bright indirect light, but will tolerate (survive in) lower light conditions. Plants will have lush, healthy foliage if they are placed near a bright window. Leggy stems are a Sign your Philodendron isn't receiving enough light.



When your plant is at the younger, terrestrial stage water the soil to keep it moist, but make sure there isn't any standing water.

As the plant matures & you have implemented the moss pole for it to climb on, mist the moss pole so that the aerial roots can take in moisture. 



'Silver Sword' Philodendrons LOVE humidity; high humidity, or 75%, will ensure a plump plant. 

Keep your plant in a naturally humid room in your house, such as the kitchen or bathroom. If your home is not a humid environment, don't worry! There are many ways you can supplement humidity --

Misting the foliage, aerial roots, & moss pole;

Grouping your plants together;

Placing your plant on top of a bed of rocks;

Using a humidifier





You will receive a 1 gallon or 3 gallon size plant bare root without a pot. 

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