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Pteris 'Silver Ribbon' Fern - 4"

Pteris 'Silver Ribbon' Fern - 4"



USDA Zones 9-12


Pteris ferns, also known as brake ferns, look different than your average fern. Their beautiful variegation makes them stand out from many!

Though they may seem difficult, for a fern they are relatively easy. As long as they receive adequate moisture & are kept away from dry air these plants will thrive! 

While most ferns will die when they dry out, Pteris ferns are a little more tolerant to dry soil. However, they are not drought tolerant.

These plants are native to jungles & rainforests. They grow under the shade of the tree canopy in an environment heavy with moisture & humidity. To keep your plant in the best shape you'll want to emulate this environment!


Indoors they can be started & grown year round. They will grow at a moderate rate, eventually growing to be ~18" tall!



Bright, filtered light

Partial sun - partial shade

Avoid harsh direct rays, especially during the after



Moist, but well drained; Neutral mix -- not picky, can thrive in regular potting soil



Not overly demanding when it comes to water; 

Water regularly, keeping the soil consistently moist.

Avoid stagnant water -- will cause root rot.



You will receive a 4" size plant bare root without a pot*

*We will keep enough soil around the roots to keep them healthy during their journey.

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