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Rainbow/Peacock Fern - 8” Hanging Basket

Rainbow/Peacock Fern - 8” Hanging Basket



Selaginella uncinata

USDA Zones 7-11


An iridescent plant?! This guy changes color from green to blue in the light! It is truly an amazing plant!


The Peacock Fern does well in moist spaces that receive partial shade. Grow it in a container or plant it outdoors in the ground. If you live in zones 7-11 (Hardy in Atlanta) it will die back over the winter & pop out once spring comes back around.


All ferns love moisture & humidity. Don’t let your fern dry out! If you do it can be detrimental.


If you like tiny leaves & unique plants this Rainbow Fern is the one for you. As long as you make sure the soil remains moist & drains well, this plant is easy to take care of.


These plants look FANTASTIC right now! We have a surplus of inventory, so it is on sale for a limited time! Get yours now!



Partial shade



Regular — don’t let plant dry out; keep soil lightly & evenly moist. Decrease watering in winter.


You will receive an 8” size plant bare root without a pot.

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