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Red Dipladenia - 1 or 3 Gallon

Red Dipladenia - 1 or 3 Gallon





Wow, that's a Dipladenia? It looks just like a Mandevilla!


That is because the Dipladenia plant is in the Mandevilla family! However, there are many aesthetic differences when it comes to the 2 plants. Both flower profusely, but the Dipladenia tends to have smaller blooms. Dipladenias also look more shrub-like, whereas the Mandevilla has longer, thinner, & textured leaves that add to a more vine-like look. 


Depladenias should be planted in full sun, where they will bloom best. They thrive in warm conditions, zones 10-11, & will need to be moved inside during cooler months. They will survive inside, as long as you have an area that receives bright, indirect light. 


These plants are also drought tolerant! Do your best to water them regularly, but if you forget it's not a big deal!



Shipping: You will receive a 1 or 3 gallon plant bare root without a pot.

Pickup & Delivery: You will receive a 1 or 3 gallon plant in the nursery pot it was grown in.

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