Rhipsalis sp. unknown

Rhipsalis sp. unknown



Rhipsalis trigona ****

USDA Zones 9-11


This Rhipsalis has thick, 3-angled stem that can become curved or twisted at an early age, yet eventually fall straight once they grow out. All of our plants shown have been propagated from the beautiful large parent plant we have pictured in the listing. These are a relatively fast growing Rhipsalis! If you are looking for a thick stemmed Rhipsalis with a relatively uniformed growth habit & will fall thick with growth this is the variety for you! 

A bit about Rhipsalis' background will help you understand it's environmental needs. Unlike your average succulent, Rhipsalis is a jungle succulent, whereas most you may be familiar with are desert succulents. Being from the jungle, they are used to a more humid & wet environment. This means they will need more water, but keep in mind overwatering may cause root rot, so an even balance is healthy. If your soil is bone dry 1" down its time to water! To continue, in it's natural habitat Rhipsalis grows out of nooks & crotches of trees in the jungle. This happens under the tree canopy, which means Rhipsalis thrive in bright to full shade!

At Horticult we absolutely love a succulent that takes shade, trails down hanging baskets, blooms, & comes in so many varieties, shapes, & sizes! We cannot say enough good things about Rhipsalis. Once of the best features is the fact that when it gets colder outside & you have to bring your plant inside to keep warm, you don't have to find that perfect spot right in a window so it will get enough sun! This is a SHADE SUCCULENT!! It thrives well inside a room, which is helpful when you're losing space after bringing in all of your summer plants for the winter.



Bright shade to full shade



Average, well drained soil



Regular water, even moist soil, no stagnant water.


You will receive a 6" size Rhipsalis trigona plant bare rooted with an empty, durable, green plastic hanging basket for you to plant it in upon reception.

Your plant is sent bare root,  yet we send it packaged with enough soil to keep it healthy during its journey to your destination. You will need to have a bit of soil ready to fill your hanging basket.



**** WE WERE SOLD THIS RHIPSALIS UNDER THE NAME TRIGONA. Please understand it is hard to confirm the variety unless at a cellular level, but as we have researched the trigona plant, we have found that it has red berries & white blooms. We changed the name to "Rhipsalis species unknown" once we saw it finally produce white berries. We feel it would be irresponsible labeling this plant trigona with that knowledge. Please read our description & look at our pictures in the listing, as this information is based on our experience. The picture of the large, mature plant is of the parent plant all of the plants for sale came from. The pictures of the plants in 6" hanging baskets are of the exact plants up for purchase..

  • Thank you for shopping with Horticult! Please remember that unless otherwise stated in the description area of your plant's listing, all of our plants are shipped bare root without a pot. All plants sold in a hanging basket will include a pot.

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I love Nature partly because she is not man, but a retreat from him.

- Henry David Thoreau; Journal 3 January 1853


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