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Rosemary - 1 or 3 Gallon

Rosemary - 1 or 3 Gallon



Rosmaris Officinalis Arp

USDA Zones 8-10 



 This herbaceous perennial is from the family Lamiacaea & is native to Northern Africa, Western Asia, & Southern Europe. It can grow from 2-6’ tall with a 2-4’ spread. It’s great for container, raised, or in-ground gardens. It blooms pale blue to white flowers during June & July. The flowers are showy & the foliage is fragrant & evergreen. Prune plants after bloom to encourage dense foliage growth. This rosemary thrives in full sun with dry to medium water. Furthermore, this awesome plant attracts butterflies & is deer tolerant! 


When grown indoors, place in a sunny, humid, but cool room. Best indoor location is in a sunny southern window. If at least 6 hours of sunlight per day can’t be accommodated, the use of grow lights should be considered. 


Established plants have good drought tolerance. 


Wet, poorly drained soil in winter months is usually fatal. Avoid overwatering, as that can cause root rot. 


The intensely fragrant foliage is commonly harvested for a variety of purposes, including flavorings, toiletries, & sachets. They add ornamental value to borders, container gardens, herb gardens, patio areas, & in ground areas. When in containers they are usually brought inside in case of overwintering. 


Grown outdoors they usually bloom January to April. Some sporadic blooms may occur in summer or fall, typically if plant is trimmed after the late winter to spring bloom. Container plants that are overwintered will typically bloom later — late spring into summer. 


Flowers are attractive to bees, butterflies, & other insect pollinators.


You will receive a 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.

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