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Stipa Mexican Feather Grass

Stipa Mexican Feather Grass



Stipa tenuissima 

USDA Zones 7a - 10b


This fine stemmed needlegrass loves the sun! It’s foliage is so thin it looks like hair — which makes it perfect for a face pot. Planted on a container or in-ground it is easy to grow, but may also be an aggressive grower! Outdoors, where temperatures fall below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it should be treated as an annual. Once the grass turns brown it can be removed immediately or removed in the spring & replanted when it’s warmer. At maturity this hair-like plant forms airy clumps 12-24” tall & wide. This grass blooms brown flowers in summer that stand tall making your plant up to 30” tall. 

This is a great addition to rock gardens, dry stream beds, & next to landscape boulders. When planting in containers or in ground make sure to accompany your Stipa with other drought tolerant & heat resistant plants. As an accent plant it gives any arrangement unique texture. They also work well on green roofs! 



Full sun 



Water regularly during first growing season to establish healthy root system; Once established, only needs only occasional watering



Well drained soil; if needed add All Purpose Plant Food



You will receive a full 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.

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