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Torch Angel Wing Begonia - Pink

Torch Angel Wing Begonia - Pink



Begonia x hybrid 'Torch Pink'

USDA Zones 9-11


Angel Wing or Cane-Type Begonias are some of the best performing, easiest to take care of, & most recognizable types of begonia. They can be planted in-ground all year in zones 9-11, but the most popular way to keep this plant is in a container! Take it outdoors during warmer months or keep it inside year round -- the choice is yours! 

This specific perennial shrub, the Torch Angel Wing Begonia, will grow quite large -- 4' tall & 24" wide!

Aren't those flowers gorgeous? This begonia will bloom continuously throughout the yearThey have vibrant pink flowers that pop against the dark green & marroon foliage. Even the leaves are awesome! The foliage has a unique curl on their edges when it's young. As the leaves mature the deep reddish-marroon color on the bottom of the leaf becomes more rich. This brilliantly colored leaf hangs with the flowers, making this plant a perfect candidate for hanging baskets or tall pots!


We planted this in a 12" container with Strawberry Geranium & it looks absolutely amazing! The Strawberry Geranium has intertwined itself with the Begonia for an incredible look! 



Partial shade



Average; don't let soil dry out too much





You will receive a large, 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot. 

*This is a delicate plant! We will pack it so it will receive as little damage as possible, but there is a chance a few leaves may be bruised! However, the plant is large, so a few bruised leaves shouldn't affect it's look. Simply prune back any damaged leaves.

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