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Kalanchoe - 1 Gallon

Kalanchoe - 1 Gallon



Kalanchoe luciae/ Kalanchoe thrysiflora 

USDA Zones 10+


This thick, rounded, paddle-shaped leaved succulent is known as a red pancake or flapjack paddle plant because of their shape. The leaves take on a red or deep pink tint during winter & are green during the summer.

Growing paddle plants outdoors is possible if you live in warmer climates (zones 10 & above), but most use them indoors as house plants. Paddle plants prefer temperatures between 65 & 85 degrees F. Avoid any temperature below 60 degrees.

Your Flapjack will grow quickly in wide clusters & work well for rock gardens, in regions prone to droughts, or xeriscape landscapes. Once mature, these plants will produce yellow shaded flowers & the wide, thick, fleshy leaves can take on a striking red tinge around the edges in the winter, hence their nickname "Red Pancake".

At mature size they will grow to be up to two feet tall & wide. They tolerate a variety of soil, as long as it is well draining (specifics in "SOIL" section).



Outdoors, Kalanchoe do well in full sunlight or light shade

Indoors, your plants will perform best in bright light. You wan to avoid direct light throughout the summer months, as you are likely to burn the foliage.



Well drained, light soil is preferable for Kalanchoes. You may want to add a bit of small slate gravel to the bottom of your pot to ensure there isn't any stagnant water, which can cause root rot, eventually leading to their demise. Other ways to ensure drainage include adding sand to your soil mix. Alternatively, create your own mix by adding peat moss, compost, & course sand.




Water your Kalanchoe when the soil is dry. When watering indoor plants, saturate your plant until you see water drain through your drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. Do not water again until soil is bone dry




The easiest way to propagate kalachoes is to plant leaves or leaf cuttings in spring or summer. Set your leaves/cutings aside for a few days allow them to callus. 

Plant the leaves in a small pot filled with your lightly moistened potting mix for succulents & cacti. Keep the potting mix evenly, yet lightly, moist -- but never soggy. 

Bright, indirect sunlight is best for Kalanchoe propagation.

Once your plant is established & shows healthy new growth, you can treat it as a mature plant.


In your order you will receive a large 1 gallon size Kalanchoe, bare root, without a pot.

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