It's getting to be that time of the year! The warm weather is approaching quickly, which means you have space outside to start collecting plants again & space inside after you take those sun-loving beauties outside that have been hibernating in your home all winter 🥳 

Before we rejoice lets take a short trip down memory lane. We're traveling back to the time it started getting cold in your area. If you are anything like me, you looked at your perfectly arranged, yet incredibly full patio, & panicked! "I have to find a place inside, near a place that receives light, & somewhere that isn't already occupied." 

Have no fear -- we've come up with a group of succulents that don't need full sun constantly! Succulents that thrive in the shade! Place them deep inside a room & forget about your plant stretching, let your sun driven plants keep their space, & forget panicking every time cold weather comes around trying to figure out how you'll make everyone fit!

Succulents that love the shade? What more could you ask for?