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Planted Arrangements

Cut flower arrangements are an easy go-to gift for any occasion. However, they have a relatively quick expiration date. Why not send an arrangement that will last?  

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We love to work with our clients to create the arrangement they are looking for.

You can customize your arrangement any way you like!

  • Size

  • Specific colors

  • Floral or foliage based

  • Plant difficulty level

  • Container material

  • Container color

... these are some of the many ways you can personalize your masterpiece.

For instance, with this specific arrangement our client wanted something large, relatively easy to care for, with flowers, & in a glass container. 

During the winter it is harder to find plants that are blooming, but we were able to find some beautiful deep purple Calla Lillies, some white Cyclamen, a yellow Kalanchoe, a blooming Variegated Creeping Foxglove, as well as some yellow Daffodils that were just budding.

(Even though the daffodil flowers had not opened up yet, they would a day or so after we delivered the arrangement.)


We added Ming Ferns, 'White Nancy' Lamium, 'Black Scallop' Ajuga, Trailing Jade, Hatiora salicornioides (Rhipsalis) 'Drunkards Dream,' Philodendron 'Birkin,' & Strawberry Begonias for texture.

These pictures hardly do this arrangement justice! 

Not only did it come together nicely, we used plant material we were certain would be easy to care for. 

Every arrangement comes with a care card that has pictures & names of the plants for identification, care instructions, & our information in case the recipient has any questions.

Arrangement Care Card.jpg

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