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Horticult is offering local pickup & delivery to the greater Atlanta, Alpharetta, & Roswell areas. 

Please read the following for details about local pickup & deliveries. 

Visit our FAQ section for more information.

If the information below does not answer your question, feel free to chat with Horticult via the dark green rectangle in the bottom right corner of the screen.

A Rattlesnake Calathea (Calathea lancifolia) displays its distinctive wavy green leaves patterned with dark green blotches and purple undersides, indicative of its common name, nestled closely together.


Extra large plants, heavy plants, & delicate plants are among those that we cannot ship confidently. We can, however, arrange a delivery or pick up location for local PLANT-LANTANS to receive their plants. Shrubs, XL houseplants, ornamental & fruit trees, & the like are some examples of plants we prefer to deliver, rather than ship. 


To set up a local pickup or delivery follow these instructions:

(1) View Cart.
Once you have finished shopping & all of your products have been added to the cart, click the "View Cart" button at the bottom of the Quick View Cart window.

(2) Review Order.
Now you 
should be looking at "My Cart." Check to make sure your order is correct, double check the product quantities, etc. Make any changes as needed.

(3) Promo or Coupon Code.
If you have a promo or coupon code it is time to add it to your order. 
Click the "Enter a Promo" link, type the code into the box that has just appeared. Once you have entered the code, click "Apply."

(4) Include a message about your order {This is the most important step} .
Underneath the Promo Code link is one that reads "Message To Horticult."  After you click the link a text box will be revealed. In the text box enter the address you would like us to deliver the plant to, or an address you would like us to travel to where we can meet* - both of these options will cost $10. There is a "Free Local Pickup" option where you will meet a Horticult member at Town Brookhaven located off Peachtree Road in Brookhaven. Indicate which method you prefer. *If you choose to meet at a location of your choosing, please indicate a preferred day of the week & time, or specific date & time. When selecting a date, please allow at least 3 days to pass between when you place your order & the date you would like to meet.

(5) Delivery or Pick Up.
Next, you will choose your delivery or pickup method. Locate & click the button titled "Checkout." Once you have made it to the "Checkout Page" begin filling out your shipping details. Fill out the "Shipping Details," even if you aren't having your order shipped or delivered to your home address. Once your details have been entered, click "Continue." Under the "Delivery Method" section choose "Delivery to Atlanta Area" if you would like us to deliver you order to your house or meet you in a location of your choosing, or select "Free Local Pickup" if you would like to meet us in Town Brookhaven off Peachtree Road in Brookhaven.  Click "Continue" once you have read over the details.


(6) Payment Section.
The next area you will fill in is the "Payment" section. If you have a gift card please check the box next to "Redeem a Gift Card" & enter the gift card code in the box provided. Next, enter your payment or card information. If your billing address is different from your shipping address, make sure to indicate that using the check box above the "Continue" button. Once you are finished, click "Continue."


(7) Review & Place Your Order.

Once Horticult has received your order a team member will reach out & confirm a date for delivery/pick up. 



For detailed instructions on how to properly place a FREE local pick-up order via our website​ please review the information above, titled "Ordering Your Plants."                               

By choosing the "Free Pick Up" option as your preferred delivery method you are agreeing to meet a Horticult member in the Town Brookhaven shopping center at a date & time of your choosing. When selecting a date & time to meet please allow for at least 3 days to pass between when you placed your order & the date for the meet up.


Local pickup, delivery, or a scheduled meeting all require confirmation from a Horticult Team Member.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact us through the chat feature of our site (the dark green rectangle at the bottom right corner of the screen) or by email, which are listed below.

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