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The Ultimate Guide to Our Service Plans
& Helpful Service Resources

Plan A: The GreenThumb Essentials Package

Your Dream Garden, Our Expertise!

The GreenThumb Package serves as our foundational service, ideal for gardening enthusiasts who prefer a hands-on approach with the assurance of expert advice. This plan distinctively empowers clients to be actively involved in the planting process, offering them a sense of ownership and personal connection to their gardens.


Features of the GreenThumb Package:

  • Pre-Consultation: Upon scheduling your initial appointment, you will receive a Preliminary Questionnaire and a Consultation Appointment Guide. The Questionnaire outlines the key questions we'll explore during our first meeting, while the Guide offers a detailed overview of what the appointment entails. By reviewing these materials beforehand, you'll be well-prepared, ensuring that our consultation is both efficient and productive.

  • On-Site Consultation Appointment: The journey with this plan starts with a comprehensive on-site consultation. During this session, we delve into your specific preferences, desired plant types, and design goals, while also examining the unique attributes of your space. This detailed approach guarantees that the garden design we create resonates with your personal vision and is perfectly attuned to the environmental conditions of your location. While we recommend an on-site meeting for the best experience, we also offer the flexibility to arrange a virtual appointment if it better suits your schedule.

  • Design Proposal with Customized Plant Selection: Plan A offers a personalized approach to your garden's design. You will receive a single, customized design concept that includes two unique plant selections, giving you a total of two different designs to choose from. Each design is thoughtfully created to align with your personal tastes and the specific conditions of your space, ensuring you have the freedom to select the design that truly aligns with your vision. The design proposal encompasses a comprehensive plant list, complete with detailed descriptions, maintenance requirements, and growth expectations, empowering you to make an informed decision.

    • Horticult's How-To Guide for Plant Selection: In addition, we provide the Horticult Plant Selection Guide, a valuable resource to assist you in understanding the key factors involved in choosing plants that are ideal for both you and your environment.

  • Plant Procurement & Delivery: Upon design approval the Horticult team will begin procuring and purchasing all required plants and materials. Once we have acquired all of the necessary ingredients we will deliver them to your space.

  • Detailed Planting Instructions: An integral aspect of Plan A is empowering our clients to take an active role in their garden's creation. Once the installation phase arrives, we will provide a comprehensive instruction packet, which offers step-by-step guidance on soil and container preparation, plant arrangement, the actual placement of plants, and execution of initial maintenance tasks, among other pertinent information to ensure the longevity of your container garden.

    • Optional Installation Support: If you require help at any point during the installation process, assistance is just a phone call away. We'll be informed of your schedule in advance, ensuring that our team is readily available for a virtual consultation if need be.

  • Personalized Maintenance Plan: The final component of our Plan A container garden service is the comprehensive Horticult Maintenance Plan. This essential guide meticulously outlines the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks necessary for the upkeep of your container garden. It's uniquely tailored to match your level of gardening expertise, determined through our initial consultation and our ongoing interactions throughout the Plan A process. This customization ensures that the plan is perfectly suited to your skills and comfort level. With this tailored approach, you will be well-equipped to nurture and maintain the beauty and health of your garden with ease and confidence.

  • On-Going Guidance & Support: In the period following your installation, Katie and Emily will be available to offer additional support through email correspondence.



Plan A is distinctly crafted for individuals who are passionate about gardening and wish to be engaged in the planting process. Through expert consultation, personalized design options, detailed planting guides, and a custom maintenance plan, the GreenThumb Package offers a balanced blend of professional support and hands-on gardening experience. This plan is perfect for those who seek expert guidance while desiring to maintain an active role in bringing their garden vision to life.

Plan B1: Leaf It To Us Package

An Elevated Garden Experience - Leaf the Work to Us!

The Leaf It To Us Package is our comprehensive offering designed for clients seeking a hassle-free, yet completely personalized, gardening experience. This service plan is meticulously crafted for those who wish to enjoy the serene beauty of a well-maintained garden without delving into the intricacies of the gardening process themselves.


Unique Features of the Leaf It To Us Package:

  • Comprehensive Initial Consultation: At the outset, our team engages with clients in a detailed consultation to understand their vision, preferences, and the unique characteristics of the designated gardening space. This ensures that the proposed designs are not only visually appealing but also perfectly suited to the environmental conditions of the location.

  • Proposal with Options: Unlike Plan A, the Leaf It To Us Package provides clients with a detailed proposal document that includes two distinct options for plant selection and a container design. This approach allows clients to visualize and choose a design that aligns with their aesthetic and functional requirements.

  • Plant List and Maintenance Plan: After approval, a comprehensive plant list with pricing is provided, along with a tailored maintenance plan designed to ease the day-to-day care routine, ensuring that the garden thrives throughout the seasons.

  • Professional Installation: A standout feature of Plan B1 is the professional installation service included. Our team of experts will schedule a convenient time to construct and plant the garden, handling every detail with precision and care to bring the agreed design to life beautifully and efficiently.

  • Ongoing Support: With Plan B1, clients receive ongoing support for any questions or additional guidance needed for maintaining the garden. This ensures a continually blossoming garden and peace of mind for the clients.



Plan B1, the Leaf It To Us Package, is a complete gardening solution for clients looking for a stress-free, expertly managed gardening experience from conceptualization to installation and maintenance. With professional support at each step, detailed proposals, expert installation, and ongoing care guidance, this package is perfect for those who desire a stunning garden without having to navigate the gardening process themselves. With the Leaf It To Us Package, you can simply relax and enjoy the boundless beauty of your space.

Plan B2: Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package

Elevated Care for Your Elevated Taste!

Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package is our premium offering for clients desiring an exquisite garden that mirrors perfection, coupled with an extensive level of care and attention from our team of horticulture specialists. This plan is ideal for clients who not only seek a beautiful garden but also value ongoing expert advice and support to ensure their green space remains vibrant and thriving.


Unique Features of the Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package:

  • Initial Consultation: We initiate the process with an extensive consultation to deeply understand the client’s vision, preferences, and the distinct attributes of the space designated for gardening. This foundational step ensures every ensuing design and plant option proposed is intricately aligned with the client's vision and the space’s requirements.

  • Detailed Proposal with Options: Plan B2 offers a detailed proposal document spotlighting two unique plant selection options and a container design. These curated options provide clients with a tangible sense of the final garden’s appearance and functionality, allowing them to make informed decisions that match their aesthetic and practical needs.

  • Walkthrough and Maintenance Instructions: After the installation process, Plan B2 stands out by offering a personalized walkthrough of the completed garden, where our specialists review each arrangement, naming each plant and explaining their growth expectations. Clients receive in-depth, tailored maintenance instructions, empowering them with knowledge and confidence to care for their new garden effectively.

  • Ongoing Support and Optional Follow-ups: Clients under Plan B2 enjoy continuous support for maintenance and troubleshooting, with the added option of scheduling follow-up appointments for extra care, troubleshooting, or plant replacements, ensuring sustained garden health and vibrancy.



Plan B2, the Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package, is an elevated gardening service designed for discerning clients seeking not just a garden but a masterpiece of horticulture craftsmanship. From a meticulous initial consultation to detailed proposals, a personalized garden walkthrough, and optional follow-up appointments, this package is committed to not only delivering but also maintaining a garden that is a true reflection of elegance and tranquility. With the Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package, clients witness the transformation of their spaces into havens of serenity and beauty.

Plan C1: Planter Perfect Package

The Perfect Blend of Plants & Pots!

Planter Perfect Package is a holistic service plan meticulously crafted for clients who are passionate about having a harmonious blend of stunning containers and vibrant plants that epitomize elegance and sophistication. This plan is crafted for those who appreciate attention to detail in both plant selection and container aesthetics, aiming for a garden that is visually stunning and easy to maintain.


Unique Features of the Planter Perfect Package:

  • Comprehensive Initial Consultation: The Plan C1 journey begins with an exhaustive consultation session where we grasp your vision, aesthetic preferences, and practical requirements for the container garden. Understanding the minute details, from container materials to the desired plant types, lays the foundation for a garden that is a true reflection of your aspirations.

  • Multiple Container & Plant Options: Clients receive proposals with a range of container options matched with suitable plants, offering versatility in choices. This approach allows for the creation of a garden that is not just a visual delight but also aligns with the client's budget and material preferences.

  • Smooth Ordering & Installation Process: Plan C1 ensures a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Once you've made your selection, we handle the ordering process and schedule an installation time that suits you, culminating in a professionally executed planting process where your chosen plants are gracefully arranged in the selected containers.

  • Detailed Maintenance Instructions & Support: Post-installation, clients are armed with detailed maintenance instructions to care for their new garden. Furthermore, Plan C1 offers ongoing support for any arising questions or concerns, providing a safety net of professional advice and guidance.



The Planter Perfect Package (Plan C1) is an exquisite service offering designed for the client who desires a garden that is a symphony of stunning containers and thriving plants. With multiple options for containers and plants, a seamless ordering and installation process, and ongoing support, Plan C1 is the ideal choice for clients looking for a garden that is as elegant as it is effortless to maintain. This plan is the epitome of crafting elegance and ease in every pot, making it a favored choice for those looking to combine style with simplicity in their gardening journey.

Plan C2: Planter Perfect Deluxe Package

The Ultimate Journey to a Perfect Container Garden!

The Perfect Planter Deluxe Package (Plan C2) is our premium offering, exuding exclusivity and personalized attention at every stage. This plan is meticulously designed for discerning clients seeking a high level of customization, attention to detail, and unparalleled support in crafting their ideal container garden.


Unique Features of Plan C2:

  • In-Depth Initial Consultation: Plan C2 commences with a detailed consultation, delving deep into your gardening vision. This session is not merely about understanding your preferences but immersing ourselves in your aesthetic vision, practical needs, and expectations from the container garden.

  • Personalized Design & Proposal Process: With Plan C2, clients receive highly personalized design proposals. This package goes beyond providing options, offering designs that are tailored, with each container and plant meticulously selected to align with the client's aesthetic desires and practical requirements.

  • Interactive Walkthrough and Detailed Instructions: Following installation, Plan C2 offers a thorough walkthrough session where each arrangement is reviewed in detail. Clients receive extensive maintenance instructions, allowing them to understand and connect deeply with their green space, ensuring they are confident and well-informed caretakers of their new garden.

  • Unmatched Support & Optional Follow-Ups: Plan C2 stands out for its unparalleled ongoing support. Beyond answering queries, this plan provides proactive advice and optional follow-up appointments, ensuring the garden not only thrives but evolves gracefully over time, continually meeting the client’s vision and expectations.



The Perfect Planter Deluxe Package is our ultimate service plan, embodying elegance and premium care for clients seeking a container garden that is a true reflection of their tastes and lifestyle. From in-depth consultations to highly personalized designs, interactive walkthroughs, and unmatched ongoing support, Plan C2 offers an elevated gardening experience. It's the preferred choice for those who desire nothing but the best, providing a garden experience that is as luxurious and refined as the gardens it helps create.

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