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Plan A: The GreenThumb Essentials Package

Your Dream Garden, Our Expertise!

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor spaces with our GreenThumb Essentials Package, tailored for those who love to get their hands in the soil and be actively involved in every step of the gardening process. This foundational package offers the perfect blend of expert guidance and personal involvement. It's crafted for enthusiasts who find joy in the journey from bare soil to blooming garden, offering the satisfaction of watching your green haven flourish through your own endeavors.

From the initial stages of design to the joyous moments of planting and nurturing, Plan A is your gateway to a hands-on horticultural adventure. It's not just about creating a garden; it's about crafting your personal sanctuary where every plant tells a story — your story. Welcome to a service that respects your vision and caters to the unique character of your space, ensuring the garden you cultivate is a living reflection of your personal gardening ethos.

Plan A: The GreenThumb Essentials Package

The GreenThumb Package is expertly curated for gardening enthusiasts who seek to be hands-on in bringing their garden to life, backed by professional guidance. This entry-level package is perfect for those who wish to plant with their own hands while leaning on our expertise for design, plant selection, and maintenance planning.


What’s Included

  1. Preliminary Questionnaire & Consultation Appointment Guide: Provided in advance, these documents are designed to help you prepare for the appointment, ensuring an efficient and effective consultation.

    • Consultation Guide: outlines the structure of the consultation appointment

    • Questionnaire: a curated list of questions designed to explore and determine client's preferences, expectations, level of expertise, space requirements, and more.

  2. Personalized Initial Consultation: Our in-depth consultation process ensures we understand your unique preferences and the specific conditions of your space, setting the foundation for a garden that truly reflects you.

  3. Custom Plant Selection & Design: You receive one tailored design with two distinct options for plant selection (a total of two designs), allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your garden’s aesthetics and your personal taste. Each design includes comprehensive descriptions of the individual plants complete with plant specifications, maintenance level, and requirements, as well as aesthetics.

    1. Horticult's Guide to Plant Selection: This fundamental guide assists you in making knowledgeable decisions about plant selection. It explains how to interpret the specifics of each plant and design, and guides you in understanding how these details are relevant to choosing the right plants for your design.

  4. Plant Purchase & Procurement: Our team will purchase all of the plants & materials you will need to complete your container gardening project. Once we have gathered everything you will need we will deliver them to your space.

  5. Expert Planting Instruction & Guidance: Empower your gardening journey with our detailed planting instructions, ensuring you have the know-how for a successful setup and sustained growth.

  6. Maintenance Plan: We provide you with a maintenance plan customized to your garden's needs, with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks ensuring your green space thrives throughout the seasons.

  7. Continued Assistance & Communication: Post-installation, Katie and Emily will remain at your service, providing ongoing support via email to address any of your needs.




Service Steps

  • Pre-Consultation Preparation: As we schedule your initial appointment we will send you an email with the following attachments to ensure an efficient and productive meeting:

    • Preliminary Questionnaire: A list of questions for the client to review that will be asked by the Horticult team member during their consultation appointment in hopes of gaining a comprehensive understanding of the design expectations, the space requirements, client proficiency level, and more.

    • Consultation Appointment Guide: This packet will walk the client through exactly what to expect during the Consultation Appointment. This guide covers areas such as What to Bring, Consultation Appointment Agenda, FAQ's, and more.

  • Consultation & Design Conceptualization: Your vision and space are assessed during a comprehensive consultation, leading to the creation of a design proposal that captures your dream garden’s essence.

  • Design Proposal with Comprehensive Plant List: Leveraging insights from the Consultation appointment, the Horticult team crafts a bespoke design proposal that features: 

    • Two Tailored Designs for Client Choice: We develop a singular overarching container garden design that includes two unique plant selection options for the client’s consideration.

    • In-Depth Plant Profiles: Accompanying each design is an exhaustive plant list that provides detailed descriptions, care requirements, and growth projections, empowering the client to make an informed selection.

    • Horticult's Guide to Plant Selection: This essential manual aids you in navigating the information provided, ensuring you select the ideal plants that align with your design vision.

  • Proposal Review & Client Approval: You play an active role in reviewing and approving the proposed designs and plant selections, ensuring your full satisfaction.

  • Current Availability List for Required Plants & Materials: We compile a detailed list of your selected plants, complete with locations and prices, facilitating a seamless buying experience.

  • Plant Procurement & Delivery: Horticult team will purchase all of the required materials and plants for project. Once they have been acquired we will deliver them to your space at a scheduled date & time.

  • Installation Support: With the final plant list in hand, we guide you through the planting process with clear instructions and helpful tips for every step.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Plan: Our detailed maintenance instructions will help you keep your garden flourishing, with personalized advice for the unique needs of each plant.

  • Ongoing Support: In the period following your installation, Katie and Emily will be available to offer additional support through email correspondence.



Our Promise

With the GreenThumb Package, you get more than just a garden; you receive an immersive experience tailored to your love for gardening, supported every step of the way by Horticult's expertise.


Let's cultivate a captivating garden that is a testament to your dedication and our shared passion for horticulture.

A Detailed Walkthrough of the Plan

Step 1: Pre-Consultation Preparation

[~7 Days; Dependent on Availability, Client Schedule, etc.]

To begin your personalized gardening journey, we focus on ensuring that you are fully equipped and prepared. After you've chosen the container gardening service plan that suits your needs, we'll email you the following preparatory documents:

  • Preliminary Questionnaire: A tailored set of questions derived from your chosen plan to help us grasp your initial thoughts and preferences. This comprehensive list is a versatile tool for your use – you may respond to the queries that resonate with you or simply peruse them as a primer. Feel free to engage with the list as much or as little as you like before our meeting.

  • Consultation Appointment Guide: This guide provides a detailed overview of what to expect during your appointment, covering key points such as the agenda, necessary preparations, what items to bring, anticipated questions, and additional FAQs.

By taking this preparatory step, you'll be well-equipped for a productive consultation, and we’ll be positioned to customize our conversation to your specific gardening aspirations.


Step 2: Initial Consultation

[1-3 Hours]

During the initial consultation, we delve deeper into your responses from the questionnaire. We explore your design preferences, color choices, plant types, desired longevity, and seasonal variations in greater detail. This meeting, which can be in person or virtually via FaceTime or Zoom, is especially fruitful when you're on location, allowing us to understand the specifics of your space.


Key aspects of the consultation include:

  • Discussing container design, color scheme, plant type, and seasonal changes based on your preliminary questionnaire responses.

  • Assessing the growing conditions of your space, including light availability and water source.

  • Gathering detailed information about the number and size of containers required, aligning with your vision and practical needs.


This structured approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of your needs and lays a solid foundation for crafting your perfect container garden.


Step 3: Proposal Document

 [5-14 Days; Dependent on size of job, Horticult & client availability/schedule, date of installation]

Following our comprehensive initial consultation, our team meticulously crafts two bespoke plant selection options and designs a proposal document that captures the essence of your desired container garden. This document serves as a visual and descriptive blueprint, illustrating how the proposed garden will integrate naturally with your space and enhance its beauty.


We then invite you to review this proposal, where your insights and feedback become the cornerstone of the process.


It is during this stage that you will receive the following documents:

Proposal Document

  • We compile our overall design with two different plant selections into a proposal document, informed by the rich details gathered during our initial meeting.

    • One design with two plant selections = 2 Design Options for you to choose from.

  • The document is enriched with detailed descriptions and vivid images, providing a clear and tangible representation of each garden design option.


Plant Specification, Requirement, & Price Report

  • We will include a Plant Specification, Requirement, & Price Report aimed at providing full transparency regarding the specifics involved with the plants in each of our designs.

    • This report will contain all pertinent information about each individual plant we have included in the designs. This plan will focus on te plant's highlights, which may include, but is not limited to:

      • Specifications: type, measurements, flower descriptions, bloom time, growth projections, etc.

      • Requirements: maintenance requirements, instructions, general level required

      • Pricing: Up to date pricing

    • The structure of the Plant Report will be tailored to the client's preferences.

      • During our initial consultation meetings we will determine whether you prefer reports with incredible detail outlined in a digestible format, summaries comparing the highlights, or a report that falls somewhere in between.

        • For instance, if the project is relatively large, we would organize te Plant Report by container, rather tan plant.


Guide to Plant Selection

  • We will supply you with a Guide to Plant Selection, which will walk you through plant selection and make this process as seamless and efficient as possible. While you will be able to choose which plant selection is right for you aesthetically, we want to make sure you consider all aspects.

    • Given the amount of information, along with its nature and your experience level, we will provide a guide on how to decipher the information to make a well informed decision on which plant selection is right for you logistically.




Step 4: Client Approval Process

[3-10 Days; Dependent on size of job, client's level of expertise, clarity and detail of proposal]

Upon completion, we present this carefully prepared proposal to you, eagerly awaiting your approval and ready to fine-tune any elements to match your exact vision, ensuring the outcome is one you will cherish.



Step 5: Current Availability List for Req. Plant & Materials Procurement

[3-12 Days depending on plant selection, type of plants, inclusion of rare or hard to find materials]

Once you have approved the design and plant selection, we will work to procure your plants in a timely and efficient manner. We promise to do your best to find the most cost effective selections.


Upon receiving client approval for the design, our initial action is to compile an up-to-date inventory of all necessary plants and materials. This inventory will detail the supplier, their location, the latest pricing as quoted by the supplier, and the date this data was gathered. While these details are standard, we will also include any pertinent information related to the acquisition of the specified materials and plants.

  • With this comprehensive list finalized, we will proceed with the purchase and procurement of the plants.


As we approach the completion of gathering all the plants for your installation, we will contact you to coordinate a delivery date. 


Step 6: Delivery of Required Plants & Materials

[1 Day; ~3-4 hours depending on location; Phase-In Option will add a considerable amount of time to schedule - not accounted for in this estimation]

Given the substantial quantity of materials and plants needed for container gardening projects, we streamline the process by waiting to deliver until all items are procured. The scale of the project may adjust this approach. For larger endeavors, we might recommend the Phase-In Delivery Option to better manage the logistics (see 'Option for Large Projects: The Phase-In Approach' for details).


Size isn't the only factor to consider when deliberating on the schedule for the delivery of your materials ⇨

Key Factors to Consider for Delivery Scheduling ⟢

  • Timely Installation: Align the delivery with the day of or the day before the installation is set to begin. This ensures that the plants, which are not meant to remain in transit containers long-term, are transferred to their permanent environment promptly, aiding in their acclimatization.

  • Plant Health: Quick planting is critical. Delays can stress the plants, potentially leading to issues like compaction or dehydration, which may affect their overall health and growth.

  • Maintenance Post-Delivery: Once delivered, plant care is your charge. Plants in temporary containers demand vigilant maintenance to prevent over or under-watering, which is typically more labor-intensive than post-installation care.

  • Guidance for Installation Delays: If immediate planting isn’t feasible, we provide interim care instructions. Nonetheless, our principal focus is on post-planting care, as it is vital for the plants' acclimation and growth.

Synchronizing delivery with your installation timeline mitigates plant stress and facilitates a smooth transition to their new setting.



Option for Large Projects: The Phase-In Approach

Please note that for extensive projects, we may structure the delivery into multiple stages to manage the process more efficiently. This approach allows us to break down larger projects into a few (or up to several) smaller, more manageable tasks. We recommend planting your arrangements as soon as possible to ensure the plants thrive. This means executing the installation during te time frame we previously discussed. If you prefer to delay planting for a few days, it is vital to take appropriate care of the plants during this period.


For larger projects that require a longer timeframe, we understand that coordinating with your personal or business schedule can be challenging. We are prepared to customize the delivery and provide specific planting instructions tailored to your needs. This may include arranging multiple delivery dates, each with its own set of planting guidelines.


Please be aware that additional delivery dates and bespoke instruction guides may result in extra charges. Regardless of the circumstances, we pledge to maintain complete transparency regarding any potential additional costs.



Final Steps in Delivery

Upon delivery to your space, the Horticult team will arrange the materials in an orderly fashion to facilitate the installation process. Armed with insights from the consultation and our ongoing project interactions, we adjust our support to match your level of gardening experience, ensuring a seamless installation experience.



Step 7: Planting Instructions

[7 Days to prepare; these days will overlap with Plant Procurement and will not add any time to end result]

Upon plant delivery we will equip you with detailed planting instructions. These guidelines are designed to be clear and comprehensive, giving you the confidence to establish your container garden ultimately ensuring your plants longevity.


The detailed instructions we provide will:

  • Guide you through the planting process, offering clarity on each step to foster confidence and ensure the optimal health and growth of your plants.

  • Cover essential aspects such as the strategic placement of each plant, along with practical tips and tricks tailored to your garden's unique needs.

  • Give instruction on initial maintenance tasks to be performed on day of install.

  • The planting guide will include both in-depth written descriptions and vivid images, crafted to make the planting process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.


This guide aims to make planting a simple, enjoyable, and successful endeavor, paving the way for a lush and healthy garden.


Step 8: Installation by Client

[2+ Days; All projects will span two days, additional days will be added dependent of project]

Your journey begins with the planting instructions at your fingertips, ready to embark on an installation process designed to be as straightforward and enjoyable as possible, ensuring comprehensive support every step of the way. This guide aims to simplify planting, making it an enjoyable and successful venture, paving the way for a lush and thriving garden.


 Armed with all necessary materials and the planting guide, you are poised to begin. The process consistently starts with key initial steps, irrespective of the project's scale. Day One focuses on prepping your containers—clearing them of debris and sanitizing thoroughly to preempt pests and diseases. Following this, you'll prepare the soil mix, with some projects requiring a blend of soil ingredients before application. Positioning the plants adjacent to their respective containers typically marks the end of the first day, setting the stage for planting the next day. We've discovered that isolating these steps from the main project—dedicating a full day to prep—proves essential for both enjoyment and efficiency. The labor-intense start—excavating soil, managing bulky containers, and preparing soil—can be demanding, particularly when undertaken alone. A devoted preparation day helps direct your energy towards design and creativity, rather than fatigue or urgency, fostering a much more rewarding experience overall.



Step 9: Detailed Maintenance Plan

[7-10 Days; The timeline begins concurrently with the initiation of the Final Plant List and Plant Procurement process, ensuring no additional time is added to the overall schedule. However, should the maintenance plan not be completed at the time of plant delivery, rest assured that it will be provided to you within one day following the completion of the installation.]

After your garden's installation, we will equip you with a bespoke maintenance plan, complemented by your planting instructions. This plan is key to sustaining the beauty and vitality of your container garden. More than just instructions, it is a complete guide to help your garden thrive and continue to be a haven of tranquility throughout the year.


Your custom maintenance plan includes:

  • A Comprehensive Care Packet: You will receive an exhaustive packet detailing all aspects of garden care necessary for your garden's flourishing.

  • Expertise-Level Adjusted Schedule: It outlines daily, weekly, and monthly care tasks, all calibrated to your gardening proficiency, and covers:

    • The full spectrum of container garden upkeep, from routine watering to periodic tasks like pruning, fertilizing, and managing pests.

    • Clear, step-by-step directives for each maintenance activity, paired with a timetable indicating optimal completion dates.

  • Plant-Specific Guidance: The plan provides detailed care instructions that recognize the unique needs of each plant in your container garden, embracing the notion that different species may require specialized care.

  • Customized to Your Knowledge: The guidance is customized to align with your horticultural knowledge, ensuring it is both practical and informative.

  • Inclusive of Horticult's Signature Tools: You'll have access to our suite of Plant Care Templates, which includes a variety of formats for logging plant details, Care Trackers, Symptom Logs, and a comprehensive Tracker, among others.



We aim to furnish you with all the insights and instruments essential for your garden's success, making its maintenance a straightforward and rewarding aspect of your horticultural adventure.




At Horticult, we take pride in nurturing green legacies. Plan A - the GreenThumb Essentials Package - sets the stage for a flourishing container garden that reflects your unique style and infuses your space with nature's wonders.


Let us create a captivating container garden together, a testament to the seamless blend of your preferences and our horticultural expertise.



Scope of Plant Choices & Design Options

While we are confident that our carefully crafted design will reflect your detailed preferences and meet your satisfaction, we are open to making reasonable adjustments should you have any concerns. Please note, if a complete redesign is requested, additional charges may apply.



*Rare or hard to find plant selection may incur additional charges.

Price Breakdown

Plan A: GreenThumb Package Pricing



Plan A, our GreenThumb Package, is a fundamental offering set at a competitive and affordable price of $200.00. This package is devised for garden enthusiasts who prefer a hands-on approach but seek professional guidance to kickstart their gardening project. The comprehensive pricing ensures transparency and value, with no hidden costs.


Service Breakdown

  • Consultation Preparation: Client provided with Preliminary Questionnaire & Consultation Appointment Guide to prepare for initial appointment.

  • On-Site Visit & Consultation: A personalized session where we discuss your design preferences, assess the planting area, and understand your gardening goals.

  • Design Options: A design proposal complete with two tailored plant selections is given to client for approval, taking their preferences and the area's conditions into account.

    The Design Proposal includes the following to ensure client is able to make well-informed decision during the design selection process:

    • Detailed Plant List: A list of all plants in each selection complete with their specifications, maintenance level and requirements, maturity estimations, and more.

    • Horticult's Plant Selection How-To Guide: This essential manual aids you in navigating the information provided, ensuring you select the ideal plants that align with your design vision.

  • Client Approval & Final Design: Client approves design. Horticult team constructs the Final Design plan given any last minute tweaks by the client.

  • Final Plant List: A curated list of suggested plants, including their current availability and pricing at various locations.

  • Plant Procurement & Delivery: Horticult team purchases all materials required for job and delivers them to client's space within 3 days of scheduled installation.

  • Planting Instructions: Detailed guidelines to assist client in the planting process.

    • Optional Support: Horticult team member will be available during installation via virtual appointment should client require additional support.

  • Maintenance Guide: A comprehensive manual outlining the care, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your new garden.

  • Additional Support: Horticult team is available via email for any questions, comments, or concerns client may have in the future.


Total Cost: $250.00


Please Note: While Plan A is comprehensive, any additional services requested that are not included in the initial package might incur extra charges. These will always be communicated and approved by you before implementation, underscoring our commitment to transparency and your satisfaction.


Horticult acknowledges the unique requirements of each client, and thus, we offer adaptable steps within our plan to cater to individual preferences. Adjustments to these steps may result in a corresponding increase or decrease in the overall cost of the service.

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