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Plan B2: Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package

Elevated Care for Your Elevated Taste!

Explore the Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package, a service that defines garden luxury and expert care. Tailored for those with discerning tastes, Plan B2 offers an exclusive garden creation experience. It begins with a detailed consultation, evolves through personalized design selection, and culminates with dedicated aftercare. Every step is crafted with attention to detail, from the initial vision to the unveiling of your vibrant garden, ensuring a bespoke horticultural masterpiece that stands out in both beauty and sophistication. With Plan B2, your garden is not just maintained; it's masterfully cultivated to be a living testament to excellence.

Plan B2: Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package

This package is a premium variant of our Container Gardening Service Plan B2 that provides an enhanced, full-service gardening solution. This deluxe package has been meticulously curated to offer an extensive range of services, from the initial consultation phase to the final installation, and beyond. We incorporate a well-structured design proposal process that includes client approval to ensure our designs meet all their aesthetic and practical requirements. Comprehensive material procurement and installation are integral parts of the plan, followed by a detailed maintenance guide to assist clients in preserving the beauty and health of their garden.


What sets the Deluxe package apart is the inclusion of a Walk Through Appointment. This unique feature offers clients an immersive experience of their newly designed garden. Our seasoned gardening experts, Emily and Katie, guide the client through a detailed exploration, explaining every aspect of their container garden. They provide a thorough rundown of the custom Maintenance Plan, helping clients understand the necessary steps to keep their garden vibrant and thriving.


In addition, the Deluxe Package extends its support beyond the completion of the project. It includes three virtual appointments in the months following the installation. These sessions are designed to address any concerns or issues that may arise and provide continued assistance for optimal garden maintenance. Together, these features make the Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package a comprehensive container gardening service plan that not only delivers an exquisite garden but also ensures its sustainability over time.

What’s Included:

  • Preliminary Questionnaire & Consultation Appointment Guide: Provided in advance, these documents are designed to help you prepare for the appointment, ensuring an efficient and effective consultation.

    • Consultation Guide: outlines the structure of the consultation appointment

    • Questionnaire: a curated list of questions designed to explore and determine client's preferences, expectations, level of expertise, space requirements, and more.

  • Personalized Initial Consultation: We begin with a detailed conversation to understand your vision, preferences, and the unique aspects of your intended garden space.

  • Design Proposal: Based on your vision, we provide a custom design with two distinct plant selections, giving you the freedom to select the best fit for your lifestyle and space.

  • Plant Acquisition: Upon design approval, our Horticult team will draft an up-to-date inventory list for the necessary plants and supplies, detailing sources, availability, and prices. Following that, we'll proceed with procurement to ensure all materials are in hand for your project.

  • Coordinating & Executing Delivery: After securing all the necessary materials, we will arrange for their delivery to your designated area. We aim to set a delivery date within three days before the set installation date.

*It's important to note that the volume of materials delivered will comply with the project's specific arrangements. For extensive projects, we offer phased delivery and installation, tailored to the timeframe preferred by the client, ensuring our service is adaptable and tailored to their needs.

  • Professional Installation: Our expert team oversees the entire installation, meticulously assembling each part of the project to match the finalized design. The duration of the installation process can vary, spanning from several days to even months, based on the project's scale.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Guide: Post-installation, we equip you with a thorough guide tailored to your garden, detailing every aspect needed to maintain its beauty and health.

  • Scheduling the Walkthrough Appointment : o schedule the final walkthrough appointment, we will initiate contact via email. Included in this outreach will be materials designed to prepare you for the appointment, featuring pertinent questions for contemplation. This pre-meeting preparation guarantees an effective walkthrough, and we'll tailor the session's focus to match your particular level of gardening expertise.

  • Walkthrough Appointment: The Walkthrough Appointment in Plan B2: The Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package is a comprehensive session where our experts, Emily and Katie, provide a detailed exploration of your container garden, covering plant specifics, care routines, and design rationale. Tailored to your horticultural knowledge, this interactive experience equips you with the insights and Maintenance Instruction Guide needed to ensure your garden's longevity and beauty. It's a personalized, collaborative effort to align our expertise with your vision, promising a thriving green space season after season.

  • Additional Deluxe Support via Virtual Appointment: The deluxe packages include an all-encompassing support system through virtual appointments, ensuring an enriching experience from the initial stages to post-installation care of your container garden. This plan offers up to three optional virtual consultations, spaced at minimum one month apart, allowing for ongoing assistance and guidance. These sessions are tailored to monitor progress, troubleshoot any issues, and provide expert advice to foster the health and aesthetic of your garden, ensuring your green space thrives.

  • Continued Assistance & Communication: Post-installation, Katie and Emily will remain at your service, providing ongoing support via email to address any of your needs.

Service Steps:

  • Initial Consultation Setup: Upon confirming your first appointment, we will provide you via email with essential documents to facilitate a streamlined and effective session:

    • Preliminary Questionnaire: Contains a series of queries for the client to contemplate in advance, which will be addressed by our Horticult team during the consultation to fully grasp design goals, spatial parameters, client expertise, among other aspects.

    • Appointment Overview Packet: This document will guide the client through the specifics of the Consultation Appointment, detailing necessary preparations, a meeting itinerary, frequently asked questions, and additional relevant details.

  • Consultation Session & Design Development: We engage in an in-depth consultation to evaluate your aspirations and the characteristics of your area, which informs the development of a tailored design plan that embodies the spirit of your ideal garden.

  • Design Proposal: Our team tailors a design proposal that aligns with your stylistic and functional desires. Based on our findings, we will craft a singular design concept that offers a pair of plant selection options, giving you two distinct designs to consider. Accompanying the proposal, you will receive an exhaustive list of the individual plants found in both design concepts. The list details plant specifications, care requirements, growth expectations, and other key details that will assist you in making a well-informed design selection.

    • 0To help you navigate this wealth of information, we'll supply you with the Horticult Plant Selection How-To Guide, offering clear directions for practical application of the details provided.

  • Client Approval & Scheduling: After your approval, we confirm the scheduled date of the installation and begin procuring plants. Being knowledgeable of the date is critical at this stage because you want to deliver the plants/materials once you’ve collected all of them to the space on a date within 3 days of installation.

  • Professional Installation: Our skilled team will meticulously execute the installation, meticulously bringing the design to life. This includes readying and cleaning containers, preparing the soil mix, and arranging and planting as planned, along with initial upkeep tasks. Typically, this phase extends over at least two days for container preparation, soil setup, and plant placement, with additional time allotted for larger-scale projects.

  • Detailed Maintenance Plan: Your garden will be accompanied by a tailored maintenance plan, complete with planting guidelines, to ensure its ongoing health and aesthetics. This plan includes a detailed care guide, a maintenance schedule with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks tailored to your expertise, specific instructions for each type of plant, and our exclusive suite of care tools. Designed to make garden upkeep simple and satisfying, this plan provides everything you need for your garden to thrive year-round.

  • Pre-Walkthrough Preparation: An email will be sent to schedule the walkthrough, complete with questions to prepare you for a tailored session.

  • Expert-Led Walkthrough: A detailed exploration of your garden by our experts, Emily and Katie, complete with a rundown of your custom Maintenance Plan.

  • Virtual Consultation Support: Up to three optional virtual consultations for ongoing personalized assistance and expert advice.

  • Ongoing Email Support: Continuous post-installation support from Katie and Emily to address any further needs or questions.

Our Promise

With the Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package, we promise more than just a garden; we offer a sanctuary. By choosing this service, you gain the assurance of a dedicated team committed to the realization of your dream garden. Our experts, Emily and Katie, ensure that from the roots to the blossoms, your garden will be a testament to your vision, nurtured by our expertise. We stand by to provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that your space not only flourishes today but continues to thrive for seasons to come.


 Let us cultivate not just plants, but peace and pleasure in your personal oasis.

A Detailed Walkthrough of the Plan

Price Breakdown

Plan B2, the Leaf It To Us Deluxe Package, is perfect for clients who desire more than the essentials. Starting with the core services offered in Plan B1, this package includes an additional walkthrough appointment for $75.00, designed to ensure that every aspect of your garden meets your expectations.


Service Breakdown:

  • Fundamental Services ($100.00):

    • Visit & Consultation: Engage in a comprehensive discussion about your gardening preferences and conduct a professional assessment of the planting area.

    • Design Options: We provide two design concepts with Plant Option A and Plant Option B for a variety that suits your taste.

    • Final Plant List: Receive a list of plants with their current prices and availability, allowing for informed decision-making.

    • Maintenance Guide: Acquire a detailed guide for maintaining the beauty and health of your garden with ease.

  • Additional Costs:

    • Plant Costs: The cost of selected plants will be added to the fundamental services fee. The exact price depends on your chosen plants during the consultation.

    • Installation Labor: Professional installation services will be charged at an hourly wage, ensuring accurate and elegant implementation of the design.

    • Walkthrough Appointment ($75.00): A dedicated session where we walk through the completed garden together, discussing the unique aspects and answering any questions you may have.


Total Cost: Fundamental Services ($100.00) + Walkthrough Appointment ($75.00) + Agreed Upon Plant Cost + Hourly Labor Wage for Installation*.

The total cost is dependent on the size of the project, the selected plants, and other specific requirements.


Please Note: Extra services not outlined in the fundamental services might incur additional charges. We promise transparency and will always seek your approval before proceeding with any service that incurs extra costs. Your satisfaction and understanding of the value provided are of paramount importance to us.


*Hourly Labor Wage will be $35 per hour per person with a 1 hour minimum.


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