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Plan C1: Planter Perfect Package

The Perfect Blend of Plants & Pots!

Immerse yourself in the artistry of container gardening with our Planter Perfect Package, a service that embodies the pinnacle of design and horticultural expertise. Tailored for the discerning client, Plan C1 offers a comprehensive, worry-free journey from the first sketch to the final bloom. Your vision for a lush, living space is our blueprint as we embark on a detailed consultation to capture your unique style and the specific needs of your environment.

Katie and I will then craft a personalized proposal, presenting an array of exquisite container and plant combinations designed to complement your space and enhance its natural beauty. With client approval, we transition into a meticulous ordering and installation phase, setting the stage for your garden to flourish under our vigilant care.

But the journey doesn’t end with installation. We equip you with a detailed maintenance plan to ensure your containers remain vibrant and healthy, while our ongoing support guarantees you have a knowledgeable partner every step of the way.

Choose the Planter Perfect Package for an effortless path to a sophisticated garden space where every detail is curated, and every plant thrives – this is the essence of Plan C1.

Plan C1: Planter Perfect Package

This service plan offers a unique gardening solution that harmoniously blends exquisite plant varieties with stylish pots, catering to those who desire a bespoke container garden that complements their space.This package is ideal for those beginning their container gardening journey from scratch—individuals seeking guidance on design, purchase, procurement, and delivery of the necessary containers and plants. Opting for Plan C2 guarantees a personalized and smooth transformation of an empty space* into an elegantly arranged container garden.


*The Horticult Team is happy to assist in the removal of old containers; however, this service may incur additional charges depending on the size of the project.


What’s Included:

  • Tailored Client Inquiry Response: Depending on your initial inquiry, receive a detailed email with a Welcome Packet and links to our services or a confirmation for an initial consultation with essential preparatory documents, depending on the initial inquiry.

    • Before your initial consultation appointment is scheduled you will receive the following preparatory resources:

      • Preliminary Questionnaire:  A curated list of questions designed to explore and determine client's preferences, expectations, level of expertise, space requirements, and more.

      • Consultation Appointment Guide: Designed to prepare you for the consultation, highlighting your preferences, expectations, and the specifics of your space.

  • Customized Initial Consultation: A deep dive into your container design preferences, including plant types, color schemes, and material selections, tailored to your space and expectations.

  • Bespoke Container Proposal: Multiple container options crafted to match your aesthetic preferences, complete with a budget-friendly proposal and a clear timeline for approval.

  • Streamlined Container Approval & Ordering: Efficient process for approving your chosen design and ordering the containers, including delivery coordination directly to your home or our location.

  • Plant Proposal Document: A comprehensive proposal featuring two container designs with two distinct plant selections for each - a total of 4 designs for you to choose from.

    • Each design includes a Plant Specification, Requirement, & Price Report with all pertinent information related to the proposed plant material.

    • As well as our Plant Selection How-To Guide. These materials walk you through the selection process and ensure you have all the necessary tools to make a well-informed decision.

  • Proactive Client Approval Process: A client-centric approval timeline, ensuring you have ample time to review and select the final design that best suits your space and lifestyle.

  • Plant Purchase, Procurement, & Delivery: Our team will make a final plant list once the design-decision is made with sources, current availability, and up to date pricing. We will then procure all required plants and materials, including delivery coordination directly to your home with in 3 days of installation date.

  • Installation Scheduling: Coordination of a convenient date for the construction and planting of your garden, considering all logistical aspects to ensure a smooth process.

  • Professional Construction and Planting: Execution of the planting design by our expert team, adhering to the highest standards of preparation, installation, and clean-up.

  • Detailed Maintenance Instructions: Post-planting, receive a comprehensive guide covering all maintenance aspects for each plant in your new container garden.

  • Ongoing Support: Continual assistance for any inquiries or issues, including additional advice for maintenance and troubleshooting, via email.


Service Steps:

  • Initial Inquiry Response: Tailored email responses based on your specific inquiry, providing essential information or scheduling your initial consultation with preparatory documents.

  • Customized Consultation: An in-depth discussion to understand your vision and preferences for the container garden, evaluating site conditions and finalizing design specifics.

  • Container Proposal, Approval & Ordering: Multiple container options that fit your aesthetic and budget requirements with a clear timeline for approval. Once you have picked out the best containers for your space, we begin the ordering process.

  • Plant Proposals: Presentation of curated container options and plant designs, allowing for informed decisions aligned with your aesthetic and practical preferences.

  • Approval and Ordering: Efficient approval process for container and plant designs, followed by the ordering and coordination of delivery to ensure everything aligns with your schedule.

  • Installation Coordination and Execution: Setting an installation date that fits your schedule, followed by the professional and meticulous construction and planting of your container garden.

  • Maintenance Guide and Support: Delivery of detailed care instructions for your garden and ongoing support to address any post-installation needs or questions.



Our Promise

With the Planter Perfect Package, we promise a comprehensive container gardening experience tailored to your unique style, backed by our horticultural proficiency. Covering every aspect from container design, selection, and delivery to plant choice, design, and arrangement, we ensure a complete service that caters to every detail of your garden's creation. Delight in the transformation of your space with exceptional service and support, and the convenience of a full-service solution that brings your vision to life with ease, knowing we’re with you at every step.


Discover the elegance and simplicity of custom container gardening with the Planter Perfect Package, where your vision meets our expertise to create the perfect outdoor oasis.

A Detailed Walkthrough of the Plan

Step 1: Client Inquiry:

  • Clients reach out through email or website form to express interest in our services.

  • They will usually have one of two dialogues outlined below; Respond to emails with tailored email templates linked in sub bullet.

    • For clients seeking more information: Email Response for Client Seeking Additional Information

      • Provide a detailed response with Welcome Packet + links to our services

      • Once Plan is determined schedule initial meeting, send Preliminary Questionnaire for [specified plan] + Consultation Appointment Guide

    • For clients ready to select a plan: Email Response for Client Seeking Appointment

      • Dispatch a response confirming their choice and schedule the initial consultation. Send Preliminary Questionnaire and Consultation Appointment Guide as attachments to email.

        • Preliminary Questionnaire [for specified plan]:

          Our initial consultation includes a thorough questionnaire designed to understand your preferences for plant varieties, expectations for the overall project, and specifics of the space regarding plant care and maintenance. This comprehensive approach establishes a strong foundation for the entire project. We aim to supply you with ample preparatory materials, encouraging thorough consideration of each question to facilitate a productive and focused discussion. We recognize the breadth of the questionnaire and wish to convey that while thorough responses are appreciated, answering each question is not obligatory. The document should serve as a helpful tool rather than an impediment. It begins with a universal set of questions relevant to all projects, and concludes with a tailored section based on the specific Plan you select. Should time constraints prevent you from addressing all questions, please prioritize those listed at the end of the document that are directly related to your chosen Plan.

      • Consultation Appointment Guide

        • This document will guide the client through the specifics of the Consultation Appointment, detailing necessary preparations, a meeting itinerary, frequently asked questions, and additional relevant details.

Step 2: Initial Consultation:

  • Discuss container design preferences, including color, plant type, and seasonal changes.

    • Inquire about special or hard to find plant options.

  • Ascertain the suitable size, materials, color, and budget for the container based on the client’s space and expectations.

  • Evaluate the site’s light conditions, water availability, and any other pertinent growing conditions.

  • Conclude the appointment with a comprehensive understanding of the client’s vision, having gathered sufficient information to proceed with designing a customized container aesthetic, plant arrangement, and selection.

Step 3: Container Proposal:

  • Offer multiple container options based on the client's aesthetic preferences from the initial consultation.

  • Prepare a container proposal within the client's budget.

  • Set a timeline for client approval, considering:

    • The client's schedule and any space-related events.

    • Estimated plant installation timeframe.

    • Expected container delivery period.

Step 4: Container Approval:

  • Obtain client approval for the container design within the set timeframe, aligning with future schedules.

Step 5: Container Ordering:

  • Order selected containers post-approval.

  • Coordinate delivery schedule with the client:

    • Option 1: Delivery to the client's home with specific instructions for the delivery team including

      • Specific delivery instructions for container distributor delivery team including where in home containers are to be delivered, delivery times, etc.

      • Arrange specific instructions on how to confirm everything was delivered including all contents of packages, whether they incurred damage, etc.

    • Option 2: Delivery to our location, which may include an additional storage and second delivery fee depending on container number & size.

Step 6: Plant Proposal Document:

  • Given the selected containers, create a proposal that includes two designs with two different plant selections for each - four designs total.

  • Include

    • Comprehensive descriptions and visuals of the plants and containers in design.

    • Plant Specification, Requirement, & Price Report

      • Plant specifications including, but not limited to, height, spread, flower description, bloom time, maturity expectations

      • Maintenance level + instructions, requirements (light, water, soil).

      • Cost of each plant

        • Depending on project size, these details may be given per plant or as an arrangement to prevent an excess of information

    • Provide alternate options or substitutes for hard-to-find plants, given this was a preference discussed during initial consultation appointment.

    • Given this is a lot of information to go over, we provide Horticult's Plant Selection How-To Guide

      • To assist you in going over all of the information related to plant selection to ensure you are as prepared and the process moves seamlessly.

    • Additionally, we will specify which designs we believe are the best & include evidentiary support for how this was determined.

  • Present the proposal to the client for approval.

  • Determine a time frame for client approval considering

    • Appropriate amount of time for client to review all information included + four designs assuming they have a busy schedule

    • Plant installation date - which at this point will still be considered an approximate date.

    • Container delivery schedule

    • Plant availability & time required for procuring plants

Step 7: Client Approval:

  • Client will approve of final design within the given time frame.

  • We will create a Final Plant List with sources, current availability, and up-to-date prices.

Step 8: Plant Purchase, Procurement, & Delivery

  • Horticult team will purchase plants and hold them until all plants have been acquired.

  • Delivery date will be set 1-3 days before installation.

Step 9: Scheduling the Installation:

  • Set a date with the client to construct and plant the garden.

  • Consider container arrival, plant availability, and the client's schedule when setting the installation date.

  • Determine number of days needed; consider

    • Plant delivery, container + soil preparation - usually requires one full day

    • Plant installation - depending on number of containers + plants, may require multiple days

Step 10: Construction and Planting:

  • Execute the planting design on the agreed date(s) professionally and promptly.

  • Adhere to the approved design; ensure optimal preparation, installation, watering, & clean up.

Step 11: Detailed Maintenance Instructions:

  • Offer a comprehensive maintenance guide post-planting.

  • Cover all maintenance aspects, including specific needs for each plant.

Step 12: Ongoing Support:

  • Provide continual support for any client inquiries or issues with the garden.

  • Offer additional maintenance and troubleshooting advice as required.

Price Breakdown

Plan C1, the Planter Perfect Package, provides an all-encompassing service for individuals looking for an effortless transition to a beautiful container garden. Starting with the Fundamental Services valued at $100.00, additional costs will cover container selection and purchase, plant costs, and professional installation, offering a seamless gardening experience tailored to your preferences and needs.


Service Breakdown

  • Fundamental Services ($100.00):

    • Visit & Consultation: A deep dive into your preferences during a scheduled visit, ensuring a clear understanding of your vision and the space conditions.

    • Design Options: Receive two captivating design concepts with Plant Option A and B to bring variety and creativity into your space.

    • Final Plant List: A comprehensive list of chosen plants along with their current and most affordable prices, accompanied by their respective locations.

    • Maintenance Guide: A meticulously crafted guide to assist you in the daily, weekly, and monthly care of your garden.

  • Additional Costs:

    • Container Selection & Purchase (Starting at $75.00): With a myriad of options available, select and purchase the containers that best resonate with your aesthetic and functional needs.

    • Plant Costs: The price of plants selected during the consultation phase will be added to the overall package cost.

    • Installation Labor: A nominal hourly wage will be charged for expert installation services to bring the design to life in your space.


Total Cost: Fundamental Services ($100.00) + Container Selection & Purchase (Starting at $75.00) + Plant Cost + Installation Labor*. Total cost varies based on project size, number of containers, and selected plants.


Please Note: Extra services not outlined in the fundamental services might incur additional charges. We promise transparency and will always seek your approval before proceeding with any service that incurs extra costs. Your satisfaction and understanding of the value provided are of paramount importance to us.


*Hourly Labor Wage will be $35 per hour per person with a 1 hour minimum.

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