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Plan C2: Planter Perfect Deluxe Package

The Ultimate Journey to a Perfect Container Garden!

Embark on a distinguished container gardening voyage with Plan C2: the Planter Perfect Deluxe Package. Designed for those with refined tastes, this plan promises to turn your horticultural dreams into reality with its deeply personalized approach. A detailed initial consultation sets the stage, ensuring every aspect of your vision is meticulously woven into your garden's blueprint.

Plan C2 is the epitome of tailor-made luxury, where every detail, from design proposals to meticulous walkthroughs and thorough care guides, is fine-tuned to exceed your highest expectations. Opt for Plan C2 if you seek a garden experience that offers personalized attention, proactive support, and opportunities for ongoing care, all dedicated to maintaining the splendor of your garden. More than just a service, it's a commitment to creating a space of unparalleled elegance and vitality, a true personal sanctuary.

Plan C2: Planter Perfect Deluxe Package

A Detailed Walkthrough of the Plan

Price Breakdown

The Planter Perfect Deluxe Package (Plan C2) stands as our premium offering for enthusiasts desiring a high-end container gardening experience without the hassle. Fundamental Services are provided at $100.00, with additional costs for container selection & purchase, plants, installation labor, and a specialized walk-through appointment, crafting a garden that is not only visually stunning but also harmoniously integrated into your living space.


Service Breakdown

  • Fundamental Services ($100.00):

    • Visit & Consultation: Engage in an interactive session where your desires meet our expertise, crafting the initial blueprint for your unique garden space.

    • Design Options: Two innovative design concepts, each with a different set of plants (Option A & B), will be presented, offering diversity and creative freedom in choosing the perfect look.

    • Final Plant List: Receive a detailed list of selected plants along with the most affordable pricing options available in the market, ensuring value for every dollar spent.

    • Maintenance Guide: An in-depth manual for the maintenance of your new garden, guiding you through the necessary steps for preservation and growth.

  • Additional Costs:

    • Container Selection & Purchase (Starting at $75.00): Select from an array of premium containers that not only serve as homes for your plants but also as statement pieces in your garden.

    • Plant Costs: The cost of selected plants will be added to the package price.

    • Installation Labor: Professional installation is charged at an hourly rate, meticulously executing the agreed-upon design.

    • Walk-Through Appointment (Starting at $75.00): A dedicated session post-installation to walk you through the nuances of your new garden, answering queries and providing expert tips for maintenance and care.


Total Cost: Fundamental Services ($100.00) + Container Selection & Purchase (Starting at $75.00) + Plant Cost + Installation Labor* + Walk-Through Appointment (Starting at $75.00).

Total cost will be influenced by the project size, number of containers, and plant selections made.


Please Note: Extra services not outlined in the fundamental services might incur additional charges. We promise transparency and will always seek your approval before proceeding with any service that incurs extra costs. Your satisfaction and understanding of the value provided are of paramount importance to us.


*Hourly Labor Wage will be $35 per hour per person with a 1 hour minimum.

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