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Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny




Zones 2-10


Creeping Jenny, also known as Moneywort or Lismachia, is a low growing evergreen perennial that works well as a ground cover, around ponds, in between stepping stones, for covering hard to grow areas of your landscape, or in container gardens. 


Creeping Jenny is a relatively easy plant to grow. 



This easy plant thrives in areas from full sun to full shade & everything in between. 



Requires regular water. Plant in a well draining soil, but don’t let more than ~1-2” of top soil dry out before watering again. 


Once established, Creeping Jenny takes very little upkeep besides pruning the plant back to keep its horizontal growth under control, as it is a fast grower. 


We will ship this 3.5” size plant bare root without a pot.

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