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Dwarf Juniper

Dwarf Juniper



Juniperus precumbens ‘Nana’

USDA Zones 4-9


A dense mound of ground hugging branches radiate from the center of this bright green dwarf Juniper. The bright green growth turns to blue green as it matures & in the winter it had a purple tinge. With a low, flat growing nature, ‘Nana’ makes a great ground cover for full sun slopes. 


This dwarf Juniper needs partial to full sun & watered regularly, weekly. Once established only water occasionally, more in extreme temperatures or if in a container. It adjusts to most any soil as long as it has good drainage. 


It’s mature height is 6”. Once it starts to mound upon itself it can get up to 12” tall. It’s branches spread from 4-5’. Imagine how cool your branches will look that spread out on such a tiny tree. 

Train & trim your dwarf Juniper to look like a bonsai! It’s like a bonsai tree for cheap!


Our pictures depict 3 different stages of the Dwarf Juniper. The first pictures are the size you will receive upon purchase. The next pictures are of untrained Junipers that have grown naturally. Finally, the last pictures are of a Dwarf Juniper we have trimmed to resemble a bonsai tree. The trunk & branches of the Juniper will twist & turn, forming intricate patterns that make for a unique, eye-catching tree.


Deer resistant. It’s blueish berries, similar to cones, attract birds. 


This awesome, low maintenance, bonsai-looking, dwarf Juniper can take full sun & is drought tolerant once established. 


We will ship this 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.


The plants available are similar to those in the pictures of the 1 gallon size plants with the white background & all of the ones available are in the video posted.

  • Message to Buyers

    Thank you for shopping with Horticult! Please remember that unless otherwise stated in the description area of your plant's listing, all of our plants are shipped bare root without a pot. All plants sold in a hanging basket will include a pot.

    Please remember the shipping of live plants can be tricky. We prefer to ship on Monday-Wednesday to minimize the time your new plant baby will spend in the box! We’ll stay in touch & keep you updated! 

    We will ship as economically as possible. If we are able to fit your order in less boxes than ETSY calculates, we will refund the extra shipping costs. 

    Finally, with what’s happening right now in the world the post office has never been busier. While most of our orders are shipped without a problem, we want to assure you we are prepared to rectify any issue that may occur. Please be patient & we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your purchase! 

    Stay safe everyone & thank you again for shopping with Horticult 💚

  • Packaging Process

    All of your plants will be shipped bare root. We begin by removing excess soil & wrapping the roots/bit of leftover soil in a damp paper towel to ensure the roots don’t dry out on their journey. Next, we wrap the damp towel with plastic wrap. After your soil & roots are properly sealed, we wrap your plant in paper. Depending on how fragile the plant is, we may wrap it again in foam insulation or bubble wrap to ensure the plant won’t break. Once the plants have been wrapped, they are taped down into their box to keep them from moving around. Extra stuffing, receipts, heat packs, & optional gift messages are then added & VOILA! 💚

  • FAQ's

    What can I do if the plant I receive is damaged?
    Here at Horticult we pride ourselves on our packaging, but sometimes accidents can’t be avoided & plants may end up damaged upon arrival. If this is the case! Please contact us immediately with pictures of your damaged plant — we will accept refunds, returns, &/or replace within 10 days of plant delivery. We always want to you to be happy with your order & will work with you to make sure this happens!

    Shipping Schedules
    Shipping can get pretty complicated when it comes to sending live plants. At Horticult, we prefer to ship out orders Monday - Wednesday to ensure our plants spend the least amount of time possible in the box. 
    If you order early on Monday, we will ship out that same day, but if the order is placed later in the afternoon it will go out on Tuesday. If you order Thursday - Sunday, your orders will be shipped out on the following Monday. Please note holidays where the post office is closed may also cause a short delay.

    Will my plant look exactly the same as the plant shown in the listing?
    Here at Horticult we pride ourselves in sending the most beautiful, well groomed, healthy, & large plants we have available. While they may not be the exact plant, we can assure you it will be similar.
    With that being said! We have heard horror stories of people receiving plants that looked nothing like the one pictured in the listing, so we are more than understanding if you request pictures of the exact plants we will be sending & we will do our best to do so in a timely fashion.

    Extreme weather & shipping
    Shipping plants can become complicated quickly. Extreme temperatures, large storms, holidays, & the like can all be reasons for delayed shipping. Please understand we are just as excited as you are for our plant to reach it’s new home & will do everything we can to make sure it gets there in a timely fashion. With that being said, we hope you understand that the shipping of live plants can be difficult & a short delay can make all the difference on you receiving your plant in tip-top shape. If this is the case, we will make sure to explain our reasoning & will stay in touch/keep you updated until your package has been shipped.

    If I order multiple plants that can fit in the same box, but I’m charged the shipping cost per individual plant packaged in it’s own box, is there a way to reduce the shipping rate?
    Have no fear! It is difficult for Etsy to determine whether plants are able to fit into the same box. We will ship as economically as possible. If we are able to fit your order in less boxes than ETSY calculates, we will refund the extra shipping costs!

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