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Hatiora salicornioides 'Drunkards Dream' - 6"

Hatiora salicornioides 'Drunkards Dream' - 6"



Hatiora salicornioides 

USDA Zones 9-11


‘Drunkards Dream’ is a unique Rhipsalis with bottle-shaped stems & beautiful yellow flowers! Like all Rhipsalis this is an epiphytic jungle succulent. It can be found growing out of nooks of trees & rock faces.  Epiphytic plants get water & nutrients through their foliage or stems. This is ideal for a plant from the jungle because of how humid the environment is. Moreover, unlike your average desert succulent, jungle succulents enjoy shade & evenly moist soil. 


This means you can keep Rhipsalis further inside a room than you could a desert succulent, which would need to be near a window. During the summer you can keep the plant outside in a space that receives morning sun with shade during the day. Too much sun can lead to burning foliage. 


Although this plant needs evenly moist soil, you must avoid stagnant water in the pot. Standing water or water logged soil can lead to root rot, which can be detrimental & will lead to death. Make sure your plant has well draining soil & your container has a drainage hole. 



You will receive a 6” size plant, similar to the ones in the pictures listed, bare root with the durable hanging basket it has been grown in.

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