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Slideshow of Lepismium cruciforme v.spiralis - a variety of Rhipsalis with triangular trailing stems.

Lepismium cruciforme v. spiralis


You will receive one starter plant, bare root with 1 or more branching stems. The plant will be very similar to those pictured in this listing that are without a pot.


Pfeiffera asuntapatensis' Distinguishing Factors

  • Foliage Shape: Low creeping branches, flat and angled, that spiral as they spread
  • Flower Color & Size: Small, white bell-shaped flowers
  • Berry Color: Not yet seen



Rhipsalis is a unique jungle succulent that is low maintenance with easy to replicate environmental requirements - in other words, an ideal houseplant for plant lovers at every experience level! There are many different varieties of Rhipsalis, which has given it quite the cult-like following 😉  Rhipsalis plants are known for their trailing + branching stems that bloom small "insignificant" flowers, which turn into berries after flowering. Each variety, however, has a different foliage shape, flower & berry color, & some have an erect growth habit, while others stems trail downward. No matter how differing the characteristics, all of the plants have similar maintenance requirements, which makes collecting different varieties all the more fun - if you can take care of one of them, why not collect them all!



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