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Lepismium lumbricoides

Lepismium lumbricoides


Lepismium lumbricoides forma leucorhapis Starter Plant

USDA Zones 9-11




You will receive a starter plant bare root, currently growing in 3.5" pots. Each starter plant will include 1 or more branching stems with established roots.



*Lepismium is a synonym for Rhipsalis!

This variety of Lepismium is one of the heaviest & most reliable bloomers we have experienced! Every year the large plants produce hundreds of tiny flowers along their stems. 


Lepismium lumbricoides is an epiphytic jungle succulent that grows out of the nooks of trees.

Epiphytic plants receive nutrients & moisture through their stems/foliage, as well as through their roots. For this reason, Rhipsalis has shallow root systems.

Lepismium lumbricoides forma leucorhapis has long, spaghetti like stems that can grow up to 15'+! They bloom white flowers & produce red/pink fruits (or seed pods).

This variety is not common & one we suggest all collectors to grab!


The pictures of the larger plants in the listing are our mother plants -- we wanted to show what they will look like when they are older & when they bloom.


In order to keep Rhipsalis healthy & happy, you'll want to emulate the jungle environment they are from. Naturally, they grow out of the nooks of trees under the shade of the tree canopy. Find a space to keep them that receives morning sun & partial shade for the rest of the day. This light requirement comes in hand when you are trying to find a space for them inside during cooler months. Rather than having to fight for space in a south or west facing window  like you have to with desert succulents, Rhipsalis & other jungle succulents thrive further inside the room where it can receive bright, indirect light.


As far as moisture is concerned, in the jungle they are exposed to heavy humidity. This is imperative for an epiphytic plant. During summer months here in the south, Rhipsalis is happy outside where it will receive adequate humidity. During cooler months when you take it inside you can supplement this humidity by misting the stems, or by keeping it in a naturally humid space such as the bathroom or kitchen.


One of our favorite aspects of Rhipsalis is the number of varieties there are! They are the perfect plant for any collector. While they differ in flower color, bloom period, appearance, & seed pod color, they all require similar, if not the same, maintenance. Once you get the hang of taking care of one variety, you will be able to maintain every other variety easily! You'll be hooked in no time!



You will receive 6 inch size plants with healthy root systems. The plants will be sent bare root. We will include the 6" hanging basket the plants were grown in.

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