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Mandevilla 'Bella White' - 3 Gallon

Mandevilla 'Bella White' - 3 Gallon



Mandevilla hybrida 'Bella White'

USDA Zone 10-- cold hardy to 30-40 degrees F


Looking to add something tropical to your garden? It's getting to be that time of the year! Warm weather brings beautiful, lush foliage & large white blooms to this evergreen vine. This low maintenance plant works incredibly well in containers or container gardens, as well as in in-ground beds. Being a vine, it works well against a trellis or some type of feature it's tendrils can wrap themselves around. To encourage beautiful blooms throughout the entire summer season use a high phosphorus, water soluble fertilizer (we use Osmocote) once every 2 weeks. To create bushier & fuller plants, pinch your Mandevilla vine by simply using your fingers .25 to .5 inches off the end of each stem. Additionally, you'll want to remove spent blooms to encourage new growth.


Trying to grow your vine year round? Plant in a container or move it into one once temperatures fall lower than 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit, so you may move your tropical plant inside your home or into a greenhouse. Cutting your plant back (for size reasons or inability to untangle) to about 1/3 of it's size is ok -- even sometimes encouraged). Once indoors, keep in a south facing window (western or eastern will also work) that receives bright, indirect light. Water your plant once the soil has dried out completely.



Work well in sandy, well draining soil with plenty of organic material mixed in.

Gardening Know How suggests 2 parts peat moss or potting soil to one part builders sand.



Full sun to partial shade; bright, indirect light or filtered sunlight -- will burn in 6+ hours of full sun. On the other hand, not enough sun will result in little to no blooms.



Inside: water your plant once the soil has dried out.

Outside: with warmer temperatures, water more regularly 



You will receive a 3 gallon size Mandevilla vine bare root without a pot.

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