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Medusa Fern - 6"

Medusa Fern - 6"



Nephrolepis obliterata

USDA Zones 9a-11


The Medusa Fern or Australian Sword Fern is a rare variety of fern that resembles Medusa's head full of snakes. Like most fern, this variety  loves consistently moist soil, humidity, & partial to full shade.


The most important part of keeping your fern healthy & beautiful is never letting the soil dry out. Their fronds will turn brown & they will start to drop leaves quickly. An easy way to keep your fern moist is to keep a spray bottle near it, so you can easily spritz her any time. Keeping your fern in a naturally humid space, such as kitchen or bathroom, is an easy way to ensure it stays moist. With that being said, don't leave water at the bottom of your pot. Stagnant water displaces necessary oxygen in the soil. Without oxygen the plant or it's roots can't survive! Leaving water in the pot will lead to root rot & ultimately your plant's demise.



Partial sun to partial shade; indirect bright light



Consistenly moist; loves humidity



Average, rich



You will receive a 6" size plant bare root without a pot.

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