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Pennisetum 'Cherry Sparkler'- 1 Gallon

Pennisetum 'Cherry Sparkler'- 1 Gallon



USDA Zones 9-10


This showy, medium-sized red fountain grass has beautiful variegated foliage that makes this plant a must have! The new growth is vibrant, with mature leaves turning to a dark burgundy. It can grow 24-30” tall & wide.


Outdoors, grow in full sun for best coloration. It tolerates a wide variety of soil, but does best in those that support good drainage. Once established it is drought tolerant, but can also tolerate moist soil conditions. This grass isn’t preferred by deer & has no serious insect or disease issues. This warm season herbaceous evergreen will die back to the ground in cold conditions. To prevent this, plant in a container that can be brought inside during the fall before first frost. 


Indoors this Pennisetum loves cool, bright conditions. Keep it in a well lit window that receives bright, indirect sunlight most of the day.


Plant in your garden or in a patio container to add color, motion, & texture to any arrangement! 


We will ship this plant in a 1 gallon size bare root.

  • Message to Buyer

    Thank you for shopping with Horticult! Please remember that unless otherwise stated in the description area of your plant's listing, all of our plants are shipped bare root without a pot. All plants sold in a hanging basket will include a pot.

    Please remember the shipping of live plants can be tricky. We prefer to ship on Monday-Wednesday to minimize the time your new plant baby will spend in the box! We’ll stay in touch & keep you updated! 

    We will ship as economically as possible. If we are able to fit your order in less boxes than our site calculates, we will refund the extra shipping costs. 

    Finally, with what’s happening right now in the world the post office has never been busier. While most of our orders are shipped without a problem, we want to assure you we are prepared to rectify any issue that may occur. Please be patient & we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your purchase! 

    Stay safe everyone & thank you again for shopping with Horticult 💚

  • Packaging Process

    All of your plants will be shipped bare root. We begin by removing excess soil & wrapping the roots/bit of leftover soil in a damp paper towel to ensure the roots don’t dry out on their journey. Next, we wrap the damp towel with plastic wrap. After your soil & roots are properly sealed, we wrap your plant in paper. Depending on how fragile the plant is, we may wrap it again in foam insulation or bubble wrap to ensure the plant won’t break. Once the plants have been wrapped, they are taped down into their box to keep them from moving around. Extra stuffing, receipts, heat packs, & optional gift messages are then added & VOILA! 💚

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    Ship items back within 30 days of delivery.

    Please contact us if you have any problems with your order. Cancellations are up for review & will be determined depending on the individual case. Please contact us ASAP.

    Exchanges are available.

    See “Refunds & Return Policy” page for more information

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