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'Painted Lady' Hibiscus Bush

'Painted Lady' Hibiscus Bush




Hibiscus flowers are one of the classic tropical blooms that scream warm weather has arrived! The extra large exotic-looking flowers will bloom from spring through summer. We have a few colors -- red, pink, & yellow -- that look great planted together! The number of blooms, their size, & brilliant color make this plant a perfect specimen plant, as well!


*For more details about Hibiscus scroll towards the bottom of the page where you will find the "Plant Identification" & "Planting Specifications" sections.


Container or In-Ground? Either one! Hibiscus enjoy being planted in a bed or in a container on your patio.

*Check under "Planting Specifications" for more details!



Shipping: You will receive a 3 gallon size plant bareroot without a pot.

Local Listings: You will receive a 3 gallon size plant in the nursery pot it was grown in.

  • Plant Identification

    Common Name

    Tropical hibiscus; Chinese hibiscus; China rose

    Botanical Name

    Hibiscus rosa-sinensis



    Plant Type

    Evergreen shrub

    USDA Zones






    Plant Size

    4'-10' tall & 5'-8' wide

    Flower Description

    Exotic, tropical, large, vibrantly colored


    Bloom Time

    Summer to fall in containers; year round

    outdoors in tropical climates




    The plant & flower are non toxic




  • Planting Specifications

    Sun Exposure

    Full sun - partial sun; Thrives in full sun, but will 

    tolerate some shade -- will not bloom as well in

    shade; would LOVE 8+ hours of direct sun

    Soil Type

    Well-draining & fertile soil; consistently moist

    Soil pH

    Slightly acidic; Add loam to balance correctly


    Frequently! Younger plants, especially those in

    containers, should be watered almost every day!

    The soil should remain moist. Hibiscus planted

    in ground should be watered every 2-4 days.


    50ºF +




    Slow release 14-14-14; Fertilize more frequently

    in containers than in in-ground beds; STAY AWAY

    from high phosphorous fertilizers! Too much

    phosphorous will poison your plant; Fertilizers

    with magnesium & iron will help your plant bloom

    more frequently

    Growth Habit


    Growth Rate

    Fast growing plant



    2' - 3'


    Specimen Plant, Beds & Borders, Patio & 



    Little to nonef; Grows in a globular shape on it's 

    own; Does NOT require pruning; If you want to 

    shape it, do so during early spring; Generally

    pest & disease free


    Soft stem cuttings; Rooting hormone

    Container Planting: Some prefer keeping thier hibiscus plants in containers because they are easy to move inside once the weather gets cool. 

    • When choosing a container, make sure you don't pick one thats too large. Hibiscus like it when their roots are just filling the pot. Drainage holes are also important!
    • Over the winter when keeping indoors, make sure your plant is in a space where it will receive bright indirect light. Avoid any direct light touching the plant.
    • In a container plants should be fertilized more often than those in in-ground beds. Do not use fertilizer with high  phosphorous -- to much of it is poisonous to Hibiscus plants! A 14-14-14 fertilizer is recommended. Fertilizers with magnesium & iron will help them bloom well.


    In Ground Planting: When you're planting them in ground, make sure to leave 2' - 3' of space between each plant. They grow quickly when planted in ground, so they should fill out that empty space in no time!

    • Hibiscus likes a slightly acidic soil. You can positively manipulate it by adding loam.


    Hibiscus can be fussy compared to other flowering annuals, but in the end those massive blooms are worth it!

    • Don't spray your plants with ice cold hose water -- it will shock your plants. Water them with warm water. Use a watering can & water with warm tap water (not too hot, though!)
    • In the summer, water more frequently to combat the heat.
    • Container hibiscus should be watered daily, whereas in ground hibiscus should be watered every other day
    • LOVE sunlight! Aim for 8+ hours of direct sunlight! They can tolerate shade, but blooms won't be as frequent.
    • If your leaves are turning yellow, cut back on watering.
    • Don't use clay pots! The material will cause your pots to dry out too quickly.
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