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Rhipsalis teres ssp. heteroclada

Rhipsalis teres ssp. heteroclada


Rhipsalis teres ssp. heteroclada - 3.5"

Heteroclada  is a distinctive variant of Rhipsalis teres, recognizable by its stiff stems and the purplish hue near the areoles and tips, adding a splash of color to the typical green of cacti.


  • Stem Shape: The main stems are stiff and dark green, branching toward the top and often adopting an erect posture in cultivation, with branches more slender than the main stem.
  • Growth Habit: This plant typically features much-branched, often verticillate clusters, giving it a richly textured and robust appearance.
  • Flower Color: The flowers are small and tend to be white or greenish, with petals that are obtuse and can be spreading or recurved.
  • Bloom Time: January - June
  • Berry Color: The fruit is globose, 5 to 6 mm in diameter, and white, providing an attractive ornamental feature after flowering.


Adaptable and resilient, Rhipsalis teres ssp. heteroclada is often found in its native habitat enduring high light intensities as a lithophyte. With its stout, cylindrical stem-segments and yellowish flowers, it stands out in any cacti collection for its rugged yet delicate beauty.


Rhipsalis is native to humid tropical rainforests where it has adapted to thrive in warm, moist conditions away from direct sunlight, making it perfect for bright indoor spaces. Understanding its origin helps replicate the ideal growing conditions, ensuring a healthy and thriving plant.


Care Requirements:

Prefers bright, indirect sunlight and likes the soil to be slightly moist. Water regularly but let the topsoil dry out between waterings. Ideal temperatures range from 60-80°F. During the growing season, a balanced, diluted fertilizer can promote lush growth.


Epiphytic Nature:

Rhipsalis requires a loose, well-draining growing medium, similar to orchid bark or a mix designed for epiphytes. This ensures the roots have access to air and moisture in a manner similar to its natural habitat, enhancing the plant's overall health and growth.


Versatile Growing Conditions:

While specialty soils are beneficial for mimicking its natural environment, Rhipsalis is notably resilient and will also thrive in regular potting mix. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners looking to add a touch of the jungle to their indoor plant collection.

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