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Setcreasea (Purple Heart) - 3.5" Pack of 3 Plants

Setcreasea (Purple Heart) - 3.5" Pack of 3 Plants



Tradescantia pallida 'Purpurea'

USDA Zones 10-11 (1-12 for heat zones)


This trailing evergreen is incredibly popular. Its leaves & stems are a dark royal purple with the underneath of the leaves a vibrant purple. Setcreasea blooms small pale lavender flower constantly during warm weather. The tender perennial spreads quickly, especially when planted in the ground & can be used as a thick & matted groundcover! In frost-free areas it will die back, but then perks back up during the spring. In colder areas it should be considered a bedding annual, or planted in a container or hanging basket that can be brought inside. 

The Royal Horticulture Society awarded this Tradescantia the pristiguous Award of Garden Merit. 



Full sun, partial sun, partial shade; best purple coloration in full sun



Rich, moist, well draining soil



Water freely in dry weather; drought tolerant once established.



Drought tolerant, virtually disease free, year round interest


You will receive 3 plants at 3.5" size bareroot without a pot. 



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