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Shredded Umbrella - 1 Gallon

Shredded Umbrella - 1 Gallon



Syneilesis aconitifolia

USDA Zones 4a - 9b


This awesome & unique plant is perfect for any partial sun or shaded garden! It is cold hardy & comes back every year in a bigger & better way! Each season more & more will pop out of the ground, eventually creating a clump of ~2' (knee height) tall shredded umbrellas.


The pictures in the listing are from our yard! These guys come back every year & don't require any maintenance! They only receive the water that mother nature provides :) The clump is incredible & we have even dug up some of the pups & transplanted them elsewhere. 

We cannot say enough about this plant! One of the most awesome, unique, & easy plants in our yard!


At first, the little guys pop out of the ground & look like a little unopened cocktail umbrella. Over ~1 weeks span they will get taller & start to open simultaneously. Their fuzzy foliage gives them an extraordinary look, even at a stage of their life some would call insignificant. Finally the plant grows to be ~2 feet tall & opens it's foliage up like an umbrella! 



Partial sun to mostly shade



Average, rich, humus filled




*In our experience, mother nature provides adequate water.



You will receive a 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.

*The pictures are of plants for sale, however, they grow incredibly fast! It feels like they get significantly bigger everyday! There is a good chance the plants have grown since this was posted.



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