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Syngonium Berry Allusion Arrowhead

Syngonium Berry Allusion Arrowhead



Syngonium (or Nephthytis) podophyllum ‘Berry Allusion’

Arrowhead Vine, Goosefoot, Arrowhead Plant

USDA Zones 10-12


This arrowhead plant is light green with hints of pink throughout its leaves & pink veins. It can grow to be 12” to 14” tall.  It will tolerate the shade or low light areas, making it perfect for an indoor plant. This guy will thrive in areas many plants wont! If you need a plant for that coffee table arrangement or bathroom with barely any light this plant is it! 


If you want your plant to grow faster make sure it gets some bright indirect light. While it will tolerate the shade, it will thrive in indirect sun. The colors in the leaves will become more vibrant with more light, as well. 


When it comes to watering these plants are drought tolerant. It’s important to get a well draining soil & only water once the soil is dry (at least the top few inches of soil). If you wait too long the leaves will turn crispy & brown, but don’t fear! If this happens saturate or soak your soil with water & allow the plant to rehydrate — it should bounce back pretty easily! 


The Berry Allusion Arrowhead is EXTREMELY VERSATILE. This is a slow grower, but eventually it can be planted in a hanging basket & spill off the sides. On the other hand if you want a full compact plant you can prune back the foliage to maintain its form. 


We propagated these one year ago! These plants are ready to take off & start to vine (some already have)!



Partial to full shade; low light tolerant

Will grow faster with bright indirect light. 



Light; well draining



Very little water; once soil is dry; but, don't forget to water them!!


- Drought tolerant!

- Humidity tolerant!

- Extremely versatile! 

     - Can be grown as a vine in a hanging basket or 

        pruned back to maintain a compact shape. 

     - Can grow in full shade/low light OR in bright

        indirect light. 

- Arrowheads are poisonous if ingested! Be careful around pets or children. 




You will receive a 1 gallon size plant bare root without a pot.

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